Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Warriors of Valhalla

So everyone is getting hyped about the new Guard codex, right? Well so am I and because of it I finally decided to start my own fluffy Valhallan army! I received these gems from Hephesto over at Astro for winning a painting/modeling competition (mostly Vostroyans and Valhallans):

And then I decided to start sculpting in preparation of casting. This is the annoying part: it's really effing cold outside. I mean it is cold to the point that I am getting angry every time I set foot outside. Now I'm no weakling- I live in Buffalo, New York and go to school in Rochester so I'm used to the cold. In fact, winter is my favorite season. But this cold is just ridiculously bitter and very annoying.

Anyways, to prevent a further rant, it's too cold to cast as the resin isn't flowing nor sitting correctly. So in three attempts (which should have yielded 18 new soldiers) I got 3. And not even 3 full ones, but 3 that still needed some hefty GS work to fix 'em up. Well, some time tomorrow night I'll try again and IF it is succesful, expect a very happy post. Of couse, I am going to my girlfriend's grandparent's house for dinner so she may detract quite a bit of time from my plastic crack :p.

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Hephesto said...

So what has happend with those Vostroyans so far? ;-)