Saturday, March 21, 2009

Painted Valhallan Sculpt! (finally!)

Well, I have finally got off my ass and painted one of my Valhallan resin casts. When I first got the idea for my fluffy Valhallan army, I wanted to paint them to a very high standard. However, having unprofessional models (ie. NOT Games Workshop), it's incredibly hard to paint very well because there tend to be imperfections where you don't want them. Quite annoying, but such is the price for saving money.

Though, that said, I have to say I'm quite content with the way they look. They are to what I consider a table-top standard and, for my sculpts, that's perfectly fine. But when I start converting Cadians, oh I promise a much higher standard for them!

Now onto the pictures (click to make 'em bigger!)...



Admiral Drax said...

Nice work, mate.

Dictator said...

The googles are definitely my favorite part