Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dark Eldar Mandrake

Sorry for taking so long on painting this stuff.  A mix of being home for the holidays (and the required family events that ensue) and my odd urge to replay through Mass Effect 2 really created an unwelcome situation for my Mandrakes.  Alas, I finally got one done.  The Matte varnish I used had a bit of a gloss to it which is really amplified in the picture but isn't as bad in person.  Next time I'm going to snap pictures BEFORE the varnish though, just to give a better idea on what the guy actually looks like.  This guy was an experiment to see how I wanted to paint the squad and to make sure I get all the colors rights so he's not great, but I'm happy with how he turned out.  The rest of the squad *should* turn out better though.  We'll see!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Selling some Guard and Orks

Hey guys, decided to clear out some of my Guard I don't really use anymore and some Orks I found laying in my parents basement.  Figured I'd post them here and on some forums I frequent before heading to eBay.  If anyone is interested, just shoot me an email (click on the "Contact" tab up top).  If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them in the comments and I'll answer them ASAP!  I'm not really looking for a trade, but if you have some of the new Dark Eldar that are not painted and, preferably, not assembled, I'd certainly consider trading!

(Green is for sale, Orange is if "negotiations" are under way and Purple is sold)

5 Guardsmen on Sprue - link - $12 or BO

10 Vostroyan soldiers - link - $25 or BO (they are partially painted, but very easily stripped as they are just plastic. They also have some Resin bases I made awhile ago, they are NOT the black GW ones).

6 Valhallan soldiers - link - $25 or BO (these guys aren't sold anymore [as far as I can tell] and are just primed bar for one or two that have painted flesh. Again, metal so easily stripped.)

3 Mortar teams - link - $10 or BO (painted with really crappy bases, but they're easily cleaned off).

15 Guardsmen - link - $20 or BO (partially painted. Includes two guys from the command sprue here and here. Missing heads, shoulders were filed off as I originally planned on converting them to Valhallan warriors with greatcoats.)

Leman Russ Demolisher - link - $35 or BO (From old kit, Primed, Demolisher cannon itself is a bit warped but can be easily filed down. Missing top hatch).

Leman Russ - link - $35 or BO (From old kit, Primed. Cannon was built as a Nova cannon before the 5th edition codex was released (so it was based off of rumors)

31 Pig Iron Winter Sci Fi heads - link - $8 or BO (18 unpainted, the rest are partially painted but as they heads are metal, they're easily stripped. I only picture 25 heads, but I found six more in my bits box after taking pictures).

5 Ork Nob Bikers with Painboy - link - $45 or BO (Painted and converted to look like Nobz rather than normal warbikerz. Some are not fully painted and just partially. Paint is not very heavy at all so painting over would not be a problem).

Ork Warboss - link - $12 or BO (Painted and converted a bit)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pain Tokens of PAIN

Ok, I'm still waiting on my shipment of Warriors and Archon so I decided to build/paint up some Pain Tokens just to get myself remembering how to paint as well as test out my basing idea (I wanted lava world).  So here are the two tokens, turned out pretty decent I'd say!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Reaver Jetbikes

So I'm thinking of strategies for my current Dark Eldar list (I want to hone everything before committing on too many models.  Cash is tight!) and I realized that the Reavers aren't particularly great at assault and I was contemplating scratching them from my list until I realized one very important detail: Jetbikes have special rules.  They can move 6" in the assault phase and not assault!  I totally forgot!  I'm swamped with schoolwork at the moment, so a new updated list won't be created until probably Wednesday but if I take a few Reavers, pop a Blaster or Heat Lance on them and give them cluster caltrops I can Turbo Boost over an enemy unit (36" might I add) and end out of LoS of anything particularly dangerous and then pop out in the movement phase, shoot, pop back into hiding in the assault.  Rinse and repeat. I think it would create a nice distraction for my other units and still be able to wreak some havoc.  Knocking a few jetbikes out of my list also frees up room for Nightshields on my Raiders which makes killing them even more annoying.

I am so pumped for this army!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Girl's 40k Problems

Ok, this gem is a bit to hilarious NOT to share.  I was showing my girlfriend the Archon and Kabalite Warriors I recently bought for my upcoming Dark Eldar army and I asked her why she hasn't done anything with the box of Ork Boyz I bought her back at Games Day '09.  She let me know why:
"Yeah, I left those in the box at home.  I got fed up building them because I kept getting super glue in my mouth."
I think she's doing it wrong.

*She told me the whole story and apparently the bottle exploded on her and got all over her hands and she had a hair in her mouth and, well, it's pretty easy to figure out what happened from there.  Still hilarious!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Friday Fix #1

Hey guys, so I decided to do something so I can maintain some sort of regular posting schedule at the forge so I introduce The Friday Fix!  Basically if I see some cool stuff on forums or blogs or wherever, I'll post it in one of these Friday posts.  Alternatively, if you guys see something cool online you'd like to share or you have a thread on a forum or blog post you'd like to promote and think is pretty cool you can email it to me and I will include it in one of these new weekly posts!  Just send an email to with the title "Friday Fix" and I'll get back to you asap (i check my email super regularly so I guarantee I'll see it).  As long as it's 40k related, anything goes so long as it's interesting!

For this week, I point you to a post over at the Astronomican Forums by member tkkultist.  He's a member of "Team North America" and posted some cool WIP shots of the Primarchs used for the Golden Demon competitions in 2008 (I believe).  Really cool "behind the scenes" work that I thought was absolutely fascinating.

The lead image is Fulgrim by Chris Borer (and, incidentally, he won a Golden Demon and the Slayer Sword for his work).   Here are some WIP shots:

This next one is Ferrus Manus by Nathan Comanse:

And the last one I'll post is Lion El'Johnson by Tom Shadle:

Some incredible stuff, and absolutely thrilling to be able to see into the process of making such an incredible array of models.  To see more of the Primarchs, just mozy on over to this post on the Astronomican forums.  I promise you, it's worth it!  You can also check out tkkultist's (James Craig's) album on his site Lost In The Warp for even more Primarch goodness!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Final Dark Eldar List

Ok, I think I'm finally settled on a list. I changed the Huskblade to an Agoniser on the Archon since I figure at a small points level like this, the auto instant death wont be utilized much. When I get to building a 2k+ army, then a Huskblade/Soul Trap combo is a guarantee. I also gave the Archon a Blast Pistol and Hawire Grenades just so I can do SOMETHING if I find myself in CC with a walker. I took the Nightfiend of the Mandrakes, added a Dark Lance rather than Cannon for my second Kab squad and took the Heat Lance off the Raiders (I want them killing infantry, not stopping to shoot one weapon at a vehicle).

Archon - 140pts
+Agoniser, Combat Drugs, Shadow Field, Blast Pistol, Haywire Grenades

Mandrakes x5 - 75

Kabalite Warriors x10 - 215pts
+Blaster, Dark Lance, Sybarite, Venom Blade
+Raider, Flickerfield

Kabalite Warriors x10 - 215pts
+Blaster, Dark Lance, Sybarite, Venom Blade
+Raider, Flickerfield

Wyches 9 - 200pts
+Hydra Gauntlets, Hekatrix, Agonizer
+Raider, Flickerfield

Reavers x6 - 152pts
+Cluster Caltrops

TOTAL - 997pts

As a note, I have already purchased the Archon and a box of Warriors, so assembly and painting will soon happen (though not until I hit break in about a week).

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dark Eldar List v2.0

Ok, here's two new lists I made based on some great input both here and on the Astronomican Forums

Archon - 135pts
+Huskblade, Combat Drugs, Shadow Field

Incubi x4 - 208pts
+Klaivex, Bloodstone, Onslaught
+Venom, Splinter Cannon, Night shields

Kabalite Warriors x10 - 140pts
+Blaster, Dark Lance, Sybarite

Kabalite Warriors x10 - 140pts
+Blaster, Dark Lance, Sybarite

Wyches x10 - 210pts
+Hydra Gauntlets x2, Hekatrix, Power Weapon
+Raider, Flickerfield

Reavers x6 - 164pts
+Heat Lance, Cluster Caltrops

TOTAL - 997pts

Archon - 135pts
+Huskblade, Combat Drugs, Shadow Field

Mandrakes x5 - 85
+ Nightfiend

Kabalite Warriors x10 - 215pts
+Blaster, Dark Lance, Sybarite, Venom Blade
+Raider, Flickerfield

Kabalite Warriors x10 - 200pts
+Blaster, Splinter Cannon, Sybarite, Venom Blade
+Raider, Flickerfield

Wyches x9 - 200pts  (EDIT- Originally had x10 here.  That was a mistake!)
+Hydra Gauntlets, Hekatrix, Agonizer
+Raider, Flickerfield

Reavers x6 - 164pts
+Heat Lance, Cluster Caltrops

TOTAL - 999pts

Which do you guys think is the better list? List 2 seems much faster, but far more fragile while list 1 feels maybe too slow, but with a bit more staying power (because of the Incubi). List 1 is also a lot cheaper (money wise) but I'll worry about that when it's time to worry about that!

Friday, December 3, 2010

From the ashes...

Well, it's been a LONG while since I've been able to get excited over 40k. I just have had so much going on- my engineering courses are beginning to ramp up and require a lot of time and dedication, my goal to have an album recorded by the beginning of summer sucks away precious time and being able to relax is a very rare commodity.

Luckily I finally bought Chaos Rising. Why do I mention this? Well, I originally got into 40k because of the original Dawn of War game. Chaos Rising is bringing me back. Yes! The forge won't die!

I'm going to be possibly selling my Imperial Guard army soon, so I'll keep you posted on that. The reason is because I want to start a new army. An army that will reinvigorate my love for the hobby. I'm settling between Chaos and Dark Eldar and, to be honest, am quite partial to Dark Eldar at this point.

Sadly, my knowledge of the game has deteriorated as I haven't played a game in over a year. I'm not to keen on what's going on in the tourney scene and I'm very, very, horribly unfamiliar with Dark Eldar. Hopefully someone out there, then, can help!

Here is my tentative list. It is subject to 100% change, so PLEASE offer my criticism, suggestions, ask questions, whatever! I need all the help I can get!

The goal is to have a fun army, a fast army, a challenging army and a competitive army. For now I'm not going to worry about cost as this army build will be a full year in the making (so my limited cash flow at the moment will be able to keep up until I co-op again in Summer and Fall).

(1000 pt list)

Archon - 175pts
+Huskblade, Combat Drugs, Soul-trap, Ghostplate Armor, Webway Portal, Blast Pistol

Incubi x5 - 155pts
+Klaivex, Bloodstone, Onslaught

Kabalite Warriors x10 - 230pts
+Blaster, Splinter Cannon, Sybarite, Blast Pistol, Venom Blade
+Raider, Disintegrator Cannon, Enhanced aethersails, Splinter Racks, Night Shields, Flickerfield

Kabalite Warriors x10 - 230pts
+Blaster, Splinter Cannon, Sybarite, Blast Pistol, Venom Blade
+Raider, Disintegrator Cannon, Enhanced aethersails, Splinter Racks, Night Shields, Flickerfield

Reavers x3 - 101pts
+Blaster, Arena Champion, Power Weapon

Reavers x3 - 101pts
+Blaster, Arena Champion, Power Weapon

TOTAL - 992pts

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Astro Mag Issue 7!

In what feels like forever, the guys at The Astro Mag have finally released Issue #7! Click HERE to download.

On an unrelated note, I really apologize for effectively ignoring this blog. Alex is in Germany for school until Christmas-time and I am so ridiculously swamped with school work and other more important things that I really don't have time for 40k at all in the forseeable future. However, if you happen to like this blog and you enjoy electronics and electronic related material, I do have another blog at Twelve Volt Rail. My current big project is designing a small ion generator for potential use as a secondary thrust mechanism on an RC plane. I will be ordering the parts for that shortly once I work out the kinks in the design. If that kind of crazy-ass stupid stuff interests you, bookmark the site, stop by and say hi, whatever!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Strike Force compilation is beginning!

I am beginning work on compiling all the Strike Force changes this weekend so thank you to anyone who submitted suggestions! I am still open to receiving emails with suggestions on the rules, just email me at The download link is here and the thread with current suggestions is here.

What I still need are pictures! If you guys want to submit your pictures of models or your artwork or whatever, just email me the pic with your name and blog or website and I will put a picture credit underneath the name with a link to your blog/website. Remember, these rules will be in the next issue of The Astro Mag so it's a good way to rack up some views!

Thanks all!

(Side note, seems like 40k will be taking a back burner ride for awhile. I'm going to be very busy with school, though I am looking at starting a Chaos army which may light a fire for my 40k love again, and Alex is going to Germany for school so he has other things on his mind. Pat who maybe has posted once on this site, well, I'm still trying to get him to post more. He's probably a lot more active than I am at this point and he is a damn good writer, one I'd love to have on here writing some articles. We'll see!)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A new name!

Project Kill Team finally has its new name thanks to you voters! When released, it will be known as Strike Force!

Thanks to all who voted and make sure you guys keep sending in your comments and suggestions to help make Strike Force one of the greatest community-made rule-sets on the web!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Real-life, you cruel mistress!

Heh, well, didn't see this one coming.

Alex and I have made a promise to update Terran Forge more. I was working on painting some stuff up plus I've got the Project Kill Team to focus on and when he returned from California he was going to do the same. Well, this past week (those of you who follow me on twitter may already know this) I have been in Charlotte, NC to help the System Engineers from Harris figure some stuff out and collect data (I am currently on co-op which makes me, basically, a paid intern). I worked some 63 hours this past week so to say I have had little time for my beloved hobby (even going online and looking at blogs) is a vast understatement. I'm not used to this kind of work schedule! Now, to make it worse (for the blog at least), I have to go to Broken Arrow, OK tomorrow at 5am and am there till Thursday. THEN I go BACK to Charlotte, NC for the week after to help get the southern part of this massive communications system for Duke Energy live. It will be hectic, rest assured! However, after that it will be pretty much smooth sailing. I'm in Lynchburg, VA for two more weeks before going home for a relaxing two or three weeks (can't remember the exact amount of time) and then head back to RIT for school. 40k time will be back in full swing (hopefully) by then!

BUT! I have some good news (I think). I am rejoining The Astro Mag, but instead of an editor or something like that I am working on promotion and popping in on the creative side of things (article ideas, etc). I can promise you a BIG, BIG, BIG issue for our next release. It's all still in the works, but I can guarantee you that every bit of your 40k side will be satisfied! GET EXCITED!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Female Gamers: Ya Wanna Fight About It?

Ok, so maybe I'm a little late on this subject like Apple was late in realizing their phone doesn't actually work as a phone. Regardless, I feel like I should talk about this subject a bit even if no one gives a crap (which they shouldn't!).

So, neat. You spotted a female gamer throwin' some dice down. So what? Quite honestly, it is hard for me to understand what the big deal is about any minority demographic entering into a realm dominated by a different demographic. This, obviously, doesn't only apply to female gamers but as this is a 40k blog, I will limit myself to this very small aspect. Bringing attention to a minority demographic, like I am hypocritically doing now, serves only a few functions. The first is that is validates their minority status and becomes an almost impossible barrier to break down. This is not really anyones fault, but is more of a subconscious collective effort on the part of all wargamers because there is this stigma that cannot seem to be erased that wargaming is strictly a man's hobby. Second, it feeds the so-called "attention whores" who, more likely than not, are in it just for the attention of other males (this, I feel it should be said, does not apply to just females, but as it is the subject of this post it is the only thing I will address). Thirdly, and this I feel is the biggest problem in the wargaming community, is it highlights many-a-males severe ineptitude when it comes to talking to women.

Again, the general male ineptitude when it comes to conversing with women applies not only to wargaming (duh). Quite honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if most of the people reading this post right now are pretty bad at it (I mean, good enough to get by, but sometimes everything just comes out wrong). I'm definitely in this camp. In the correct setting or correct mindset I can easily talk to girls just like I talk to my male friends, and this is how it should be. However, sometimes a genuine hand at friendship can be misinterpreted quite easily as a flirt. Again, I am in this camp. In fact, a few years ago when I worked at a public library (as the only, and I cannot stress that enough, only male working there) a girl approached me and starting talking about one of my favorite authors, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and so naturally I engaged in harmless conversation with her. We became friends. No big deal, right? Well when I started dating another girl that works there (still am too! As far as I'm concerned she's way out of my league but I guess the drugs still haven't worn off after three years :p). Anyways, Dostoevsky girl was pissed because apparently she thought I have been flirting with her for the past few months.

Uh... what?

A simple gesture of kindness, becoming friends by talking about an atheistic Russian author from the 1800s, was turned into something else entirely. And this happens all the time.

Now, the problem with wargaming in regard to the subject at hand is that it is a male-dominated hobby. I am going to stereotype now, something I'm not a fan of doing, but I'm going to say that in general all of 40k wargamers have a much larger proportion of male friends to female friends. I will also make the assumption that, in general, this is due to a lack of perceived interests. Why, then, do male wargamers tend to suffocate female wargamers (whether in a club, or in threads on forums, or whatever)? Could it possibly be because the male wargamers lacking a good base of female friends (who are great to have because, honestly, they are incredible to talk to about a variety of subjects, mostly sensitive ones, that men are just terrible at. I know I am)? Could it be that they just are getting overly excited at the thought that they have found a potential female friend with similar interests as themselves? Absolutely! Are they sometimes overly aggressive? More times than not! HOW THE HELL DO YOU APPROACH THE SITUATION?

Be normal. Be yourself. Other than a difference in anatomy, there is no real reason to treat them any differently you would treat another male playing the game. Why should you, especially if you just want to be friends? The real female gamers (I say real because, as mentioned earlier, some are just out for attention. That is pretty unavoidable with any demographic in any situation, sadly) are the exact same as you. They love 40k. They either want to crush your army with cheese like Power-Gamer Joe or show off their stunning minis like GD Tom (or, you know, anything in between!). Why act differently if you really just would like to be friends or you just want to welcome them to a forum or what have you? There is no reason to. Treat them equally, not like they should be put on a pedestal and praised nor like they should be placed below us on the proverbial food chain. Treat them as a fellow gamer you have thrown the dice with countless times before, the only difference is, quite literally, on the surface.

The reason I posted this was just that I've seen so many disgusting blog and forum posts that just baffle me. Why talk about a subject that, honestly, doesn't really deserve a second though. Women are not all pretty-little-pink-princesses that play with barbies and watch Disney movies all the time. Just like men are not all beer guzzling "bros" who can't control their bodily functions and watch only sports and can't pick out the beautiful subtleties of well written screenplays instead opting for potty humor comedies. Phew. Humans are complex creatures with incredible ranges of emotions, interests and ideas. To stereotype (despite me doing it earlier, sorry) is to simplify humans into cookie-cutter forms that do a disservice to the amazing grey-matter that occupies each and every one of our skulls. No one person is alike, but we're all equal. Why treat one differently than the other?

And I leave you with a most appropriate xkcd comic:

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reminder: Vote for Project Kill Team!

Just a reminder that you should all vote for a new name for Project Kill Team on the poll right over there ---->>

That is all.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Flesh Tearers, Inquisitors, oh my!


Above is a Flesh Tearer. No, I am not starting a Codex: Blood Angels army, however my younger brother is! The thing is, he's never played or painted before so I decided I'd write a tutorial for him. First I wanted to test out what I had in mind on a spare marine (though after I finished I realized he was part of my Devastator squad and I never painted him yet- whoops! He won't be a Flesh Tearer for long lol!). This guy took me almost exactly one hour which is great. I wanted to create a method for my brother that was easy and quick and looked really good. I'm a fan of the way this one turned out. What I'm going to do is in about two weeks I'm heading over to Richmond, VA for a weekend with some guys from the Astronomican forum. While there I'm going to grab a Gabriel Seth model (assuming the guy has one in stock) and paint him up with an exhaustively detailed tutorial. Should be fun. I'm even thinking about buying an HD video camera so I can do a video tutorial. We'll see.

And next on the list, an Inquisitor! Hephesto of Hephesto's Forge sent me him with some other great models when I started my guard army (yes I haven't posted about them in awhile but I want to finish my marines before I think about guard!). I decided to paint him up just so I can do something when I get bored and it was a (successful) attempt to get me back into 40k full-swing. He's still very much a PIP but figure I'd post a progress pic up!


Power Bracket Finals and Kill Team Poll!

Before we get to the bracket, I'd like to mention the poll to the right for choosing a new name for "Project Kill Team". This will be the name of the rules-set itself. If you have a better name that you like, please just post it in the comments of either this post or the Project Kill Team post and I will add it to the poll.

Now, the bracket. I apologize it has taken me so long to post up, I've just been really busy.

The winner is:


I know, I know, surprising, right? Well here's the bracket and underneath the full bracket.



Abaddon just destroyed Marneus and The Sanguinor very easily beat Canis Wolfborne. It was the final between The Sanguinor and Abaddon that was actually very thrilling. The first round Abaddon rolled a 5 for how many extra attacks he got and in one round of combat was able to kill the Blood Angels Champion. However, it is the higher invulnerable save of 3+, the ability to re-roll all to hit and to wound rolls in combat against a specified HQ and his Eternal Warrior that saved The Sanguinor from falling to the blade of Chaos like his father, Sanguinius, did before him.

All in all, a very appropriate ending for this bracket. Good versus Evil in the Calgar/Abaddon match and a replay of the Horus Heresy when Horus killed his brother Sangunius. Only this time, the Blood Angel was able to avenge his father's death. Cool ending if you ask me!

I will be putting the final bracket up permanently on the left-hand side of Terran Forge as well.

Perhaps I will do an alien bracket next.....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chaos Marines Bracket

Ok, here is the last section before the finals, the Chaos Space Marines! The winner, completely unexpectedly [/sarcasm] is Abaddon the Despoiler!

Here is the bracket:

So what's next? Well Abaddon and Marneus will face off in what promises to be an epic duel and Canis Wolfborne and The Sanguinor will have a nice fist fight to see who enters the final arena. Stay tuned, as I'll post up the finals on Tuesday! It's anybody's guess on who's going to win!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blood Angels Bracket

It's a bit later than I wanted to post it, but here it is, the Blood Angels bracket. And the winner is... THE SANGUINOR! Guy ripped through everybody, I was impressed. As a note, I ended up restructuring this bracket a bit because the one I orginially had didn't maketoo much sense.

Click for larger image!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Space Wolves Bracket

Well... this was... interesting, to say the least. There were many times while I was pitting each IC against each other that I second guessed myself because the outcome was just down right odd. A great example is the fact that Canis Wolfbane won. What?! He beat, with lack of anti-tank weaponry mind you, Bjorn the Fellhanded - a gorram dreadnought! Granted, the amount of attacks he had coupled with his heightened strength of 5 and the fact he has rending all contributed to this beat down. The first round he managed to get a wreck, the second went on for a few assault rounds as Canisjust kept getting weapon destroyed and immobilized results.

But yeah. What a shocker. The only reason, I think, he survived against Logan even though the guy (as far as I can tell. I could've missed something) doesn't have an invulnerable save was just because if his heightened toughness. Plus, the pair of claws let him re-roll wounds so that was certainly a plus!

Anyways, here's the bracket:


-Unless Logan would've been killed beforehand, he opted to allocated all attacks as a Power Fist rather than Frost Blade. (Technically a bit of cheating here, but I wanted to keep it as balanced as possible)
-Njal, after testing all shooting psychic attacks, always used "Muderous Hurricane" as it nearly always produced results.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Space Marine Bracket

Here is the promised Space Marine bracket! Marneus Calgar, unsurprisingly, won. What is surprising, however, is that the only one to beat him was Cassius! Very interesting! A few reasons for that were that Marnues couldn't insta-kill him and Cassius has Feel No Pain.

Here's the bracket with each round's win-loss ratio for each opponent (click to enlarge).

- Marneus Calgar was given the Armor of Antilochus
- Tigurius uses Smite in the shooting round and Quickening and Might of the Ancients in the Assault round.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Power Armor Bracket

Hello everyone! Today I decided to do a small week long project that pits Power-Armored special characters in four codices (Space Marines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels and Chaos Space Marinesin a best-of-3 series against each other until at the very end only the best remains. This is definitely for fun, but I'm going to put a poll up to see what people think will happen.
EDIT- No, nevermind. Polls aren't working for some reason. For now just leave who you think will win in the comments of this post!

Here is the bracket (click for the full image):


Every day, starting tomorrow, I will post up each army's results (all the way to the champ). I will skip Monday as I'd like to get some people voting on the overall winner and on Tuesday of next week we will see who is the absolute champion!

So here are the rules I will be abiding by:
-Characters have one round of shooting before assault.
-Character who was seeded first is the first allowed to assault, and it alternates for the next 3 to 6 games.
-Characters will be bare bone unless there are obvious choices to be taken such as Terminator armor for Calgar. Any choice other than the basic wargear will be specifically mentioned.

That's about it.

Hopefully this will be fun and some of you guys will enjoy it!

Thursday June 17th - Space Marines
Friday June 18th - Space Wolves
Saturday June 19th - Blood Angels
Sunday June 20th - Chaos Space Marines

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Project Kill Team: Building a force

Hey guys, I'm hoping by now all the regular visitors to my blog are familiar with my ongoing community project currently dubbed: Project Kill Team. If not, here's a handy link to get you updated and, hopefully, involved!

I was traversing blogs today when I saw Hephesto's post on building a Kill Team force that I thought was too cool not to repost. Here's the link (I highly recommend following it) and a picture from it to tantalize you.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

There's more companies than just GW?

So as I was cruising through my typical blog list and I found an awesome resource over on Hephesto's Forge. It lists and briefly describes various "lesser known" miniature companies and, frankly, is an awesome collection of links. For the conversion-addict, these companies and websites no doubt provide a fantastic array of resources. So go check them out!


Made a few layout changes to the site this weekend. Besides the minor tweaks to the background and such, the most notable addition is the new fancy nav-bar up top. Take a look. Pretty nifty, eh? Up there you can find such things as the Home Page (which you're on! Welcome!), how to Contact us, Wallpapers (for your desktop. Though I guess you could, conceivably, print them out and glue them on your wall at home. Though I'd highly advise against this course of action). Editorials, Friday FAQ (which I have kind of ignored for awhile- oops!), Tutorials and, most importantly (for the time being at least), PROJECT KILL TEAM! Oh yes, this puppy has it's own page now. Cool, right?

On that note, if you'd like to help out even further besides sending suggestions or pictures or whatnot, please feel free to spread the word about it on your own forums or blogs or send in emails to other site owners who you'd think would like to spread this community project. Every bit helps!

Ech. That sounded like a charity advert. My bad.

Oh, one last thing. Take a look at that cool new twitter feed on the left. I think it looks pretty neat, myself.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Project: Kill Team

Due to a site layout change, I will no longer be updating this post and will instead up date the page in the nav bar above titled "Project: Kill Team". A permanent link can be found here.

As I have previously mentioned in blog posts, I am revamping my old Kill Team rulesset avaliable for download here. This post will be permanently added to the top of this page for easy reference and will include a frequently updated list of suggested improvements and suggested new names (as I don't want this to be confused with the Kill Team of the Battle Missions book). Please feel free to email me any suggestions you have on the rules or the suggested rules (if you like them or not, or if you think you can improve on the suggestions further). You may also comment on this post as well. Also, I will update my twitter page with progress so if you are on the site feel free to follow me as well @KevinMCTF


Suggestions in GREEN

1A. Kill-Team:

8. You may use your 175 points to buy 5-15 miniatures from your codex, following the rules explained above. However, note that wargear and weapons do not come out of these 175 points. They are instead bought from each Kill Team’s wargear allowance, which will be discussed in the next section. Character upgrades, such as Nobs, sergeants and champions, do come out of these 175 points. <<--Clarification of rule 9. Minimum squad sizes indicated in codices may be ignored, so a Chaos Kill Team could indeed take a single Berzerker. <<--Clarification of rule QUESTION: What do we do with bonuses that are normally rolled for an entire unit (Combat Drugs, Chaos Possessed, Penal Legion etc)? I’m even considering allow people to choose the bonus...not sure really.

1B. Wargear

1. If the unit normally has the option for a piece of wargear they must pay the cost giving in their specific codex entry. So no finding a weapon or character upgrade that is 5 points cheaper for another unit. In other words, only unique wargear, normally not available, can be taken from other units. <<--Clarification of rule

Army Specific Rules (all just suggestions and observations):

- what about allow each Kill Team to take a single Kroot (not Shaper), with armour and 2 hounds as part of their Kill-Team (which comes to a cool 20 points)

Blood Angels:

Chaos Daemons:
- deployment may need some tweaking, both to bring it in line with the rest of the Kill Team rules. Though it would be cool to keep some randomness, in order to keep the feel of the army alive as well.
- perhaps we should allow a couple of Nurgling swarms?
- really like the idea of being able to use some of the name characters (Changeling etc), though perhaps we should limit it to a single name character?

- daemon deployment, though the rules discussed later in the pdf deal with this just fine
- perhaps we should allow a single Spawn in there, like the Nids can take a single Lictor.


Dark Eldar:

- Perhaps allow a Shadowseer if the troup only consists of Harlequins, despite him being a psyche?

Imperial Guard:
- What to do with the point costs, this as the IG codex only gives points for the minimum squad etc


- May take up to a maximum of 5 Nobz. Note: Mega-Armored Nobz may NOT be taken, nor may bike be taken.

Space Marines:

Space Wolves:
- A Space Wolf Kill Team MUST include at least a single Wolf Guard, who will be the team’s leader. This Pack Leader, and he alone, may select one, and only one, of the following Sagas and associated Oaths: Saga of the Wolfkin, or Saga of the Warrior Born (only 5 kills are needed to fullfill the Oath).

Tau Empire:
- If a Kill-Team only contains 10 or more Kroot, then you may upgrade a single one to a Shaper.
- Note though that in this case the Shaper will be your Kill Team’ leader.

- May either take a single Lictor or up till three Tyranid Warriors in a Kill Team (two may be better – roughly the same price range as well!).
- Can they use spore mines?

Witch Hunters:


-Fire Team
-Strike Force
-Combat 40k
-Recon/Recon 40k
-Tactical Assault

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Need Your Help!

Hey guys. Back in Issues 1 and 3 of The Astro Mag I published a set of homebrew Kill Team rules as outlined in this previous blog post. For over a year now they have gone untouched, left to rot in the depths of the interwebs. However, I have the urge to revamp them, make a new (more aesthetically pleasing) book. Why do you ask? Well partly because I always loved the games I played with them and also I recently found out my friend has got his group in Portland playing and they apparently love it (which makes me giddy :p).

To stay on topic, I need your help to make them better. All I ask is that over the next month or so if you happen to get a small game in where you can play with these Kill Team rules, send me some feedback. Let me know things that seem broken or could use improvement (whether it is as simple as wording of the rules or as dire as fixing the entire rule itself). I am only one man, and one man can only see so many loopholes! What I would like to do with this, also, is release it in the Astro Mag as well as a standalone release.

Also, I will of course credit anybody that gives feedback- it would be silly not to!

So if anyone would like to help out, just get a game in within the next month or so (the games last anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes, usually) and send me some feedback at . Hopefully a few of you will be able to help out and make a really fun set of rules to play in between your much longer full-on 40k sessions.

Here's a link to the rules that you can download


Monday, April 26, 2010

My Return to 40k: Eyjafjallajokul (not the volcano!)

So I have been out of the hobby for about 4 months. As in I haven't touched my 40k stuff. That it until the other day when I got the itching to paint something so, instead of suppressing the thought I decided to act on it and finally painted up my Vindicator I dubbed "Eyjafjallajokul" just because I think the name sounds awesome. I haven't painted in a while (as previously mentioned) but my style has seemed to change considerably. I just kind of painted what I felt like painting and I am quite proud of the result. I think the break from painting has helped me to just forget all the stupid habits I've learned and predispositions I had and I definitely like this style better.

Picture time!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Look What I Dug Up!

Kill Team Rules!

I made these back for the third issue of The Astro Mag and after Ron's email to the FtW members, I dug it up and extracted it from the magazine for easy download. They're really fun- enjoy and let me know what you think of them!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So it's been almost one month since Alex or I have posted on Terran Forge. I'm not exactly sure what has been keeping Alex out of the hobby, but for me it has been both a very rough and fast paced quarter at college (which will get even more rough and fast paced next quarter) and, as I've previously mentioned, Mobius Comics. Now I am starting to get my roommate into 40k so hopefully there will be a resurgence, at least from me, for hobby stuff. Hopefully. I have no clue how my workload will play out.

Anyways, I just wanted to both apologize and notify the 40k blagosphere that we're not disappearing, just bogged down in work.

On the bright side, I'm starting to get the hang of this whole comic-drawing thing as shown in my newest comic here. I'm going to be doing a full page comic for the next issue of the Astro Mag in their next issue along the same art style which will play into a comic storyline I'm currently drawing (so, you know, if you want to bookmark my comic feel free :) ).

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Space Wolves Editorial

I wrote this back when the SW codex was fresh off the shelves and it was just recently published in Issue 6 of the Astro Mag.

The Space Wolves codex is fresh off the shelves and everyone is wondering how well it will perform on the table and, for those of us who don’t play the Pups, how to beat it. It is a great codex that is jam-packed with fun units that make for great narrative gaming, but it is also a codex you may have to fear on the table. In this editorial I will dissect the codex to try and see what type of lists you’ll see pop up in competitive games and how to counter them. As a quick disclaimer, this editorial is not the end-all-be-all of the Codex Space Wolves. Winning games is not about lists, it’s about tactical superiority. All this editorial serves to do is to get you, the gamer, prepared to fight the Wolves and able to counter any special tricks they may have up their sleeve. Now let’s dive in, shall we?

The first big thing to point out is the proficiency in hand-to-hand combat each Space Wolf has. Every Space Wolf has the Counter Attack USR which means assaulting a unit just to deny them an extra close combat attack doesn’t work as all they need to do is pass a leadership test and it’s plus one attack for every model. This is a problem when facing the Wolves because you constantly have to guess your opponent’s motives as to whether or not you’ll be assaulted or they’ll just sit back and fire. If you are playing as the Space Wolves, this is a great rule to have since you don’t have to assault in order to maximize the amount of pain you put on the enemy; you can sit back and let them assault you with the same effect. Of course getting into combat as soon as possible is, generally, the best strategy to use with the new Codex and we’ll get into the details of that shortly…

First we’ll go over the HQ choices I think you will see pop up in lists or have a lot of hubbub about in the near future. Logan Grimnar, in short, is a beast. And I don’t just mean his stats (5 base, 6 on the charge) but his wargear and Special Rules. I definitely see a lot of Wolf-wing lists in the future with Logan and his Wolf Guard taking advantage of his “The High King” rule but it probably won’t be a very competitive list (other than Deathwing veterans). Why? It’s expensive. Logan himself costs more than a 5-man terminator squad in Codex: Space Marines not to mention you have to buy the whole rest of his army yet too. Logan is easily one of the most powerful characters in the game, but at such a high cost I highly doubt you’d see him often in tournaments. He is the Marneus Calgar of Space Wolves and should thusly be treated as such (deadly, but still only ONE model).

Canis Wolfborn is, despite the youth of this codex, probably the most overlooked Special Character in this book. He, like many of the Space Wolves, is a Close Combat monster. He will only ever have a minimum of five attacks in close combat that can be raised based on how many models are in base-to-base contact with him plus always hitting on a 3+, being able to re-roll either rolls to hit or wound AND ignores armor saves. Biggest problem he has, however, is he is susceptible to Instant Death and AP3 or less weaponry. A quick fix is to give him a Fenrisian wolf squad to soak up some wounds, but against some armies it just won’t be enough. However, I do see a viable competitive aspect in Canis though the Rune Priest (which I’ll get to in due time) will be the far more popular choice. For you Space Wolves players out there, take a look at Canis and see if Fenrisian Wolves can work in your list…

Bjorn the Fellhanded is just awesome. I don’t think he is the best choice for an HQ but man is he made of win. If you score a glancing or penetrating hit on him ever the Space Wolf player rolls a D6 and on a 1+ he wins all games forever…. Ok…. Maybe I exaggerated. Still, he’s really cool. He allows the Space Wolf player to re-roll the dice that determines deployment zones which can be crucial in a tournament environment. In objective-based games, the Space Wolf player could take advantage of the “Living Relic” rule which means if Bjorn dies, he counts as an objective. Definitely a game-turning event if that happens due to the Space Wolf player’s own design. Now the down-side to this rule (and brace yourselves, it’s a big one) if you are playing a Kill Point game and Bjorn dies, he forfeits D3 Kill Points if the Pups don’t have a model in base-to-base with him. Yeah. Kill him in a Kill Point game and you can just guess where the wolves will be sprinting to. Easy pick’ns for pie-plates.

Ok, enough with the Special Characters, eh? The real HQ choices you’ll see pop up are the following: Rune Priests and Wolf Priests. Now unless you’ve been under a rock for the past six months (or skillfully avoiding the numerous “OMGZ SPACE WOLVES BREAK 40K” threads that have popped up across various forums) then you already know the controversy behind the Rune Priest and his “Jaws of the World Wolf” psychic power. First of all, yes it is very powerful when used correctly especially against models like the Carnifex who need to roll a 1 or 2 to not die. Ouch. At the same time, most models have I3 or I4 so you’re looking at a 4+ or 5+ to kill the model (respectively) and combined with a 91.68% chance to successfully use the psychic power you have a 45.8% chance to kill an I3 model and a 30.6% chance to kill an I4 model. One. Model. Word of advice: Jaws of the World Wolf… not as great as people think it may be (bar, of course, the unfortunate I1 models out there). Granted, it’s definitely still a worthwhile power to take with your Rune Priest, but by no means the end-all-be-all of psychic powers. Personally, one of my favorite Rune Priest psychic powers is the Tempest’s Wrath because it deters deep-strikers, jump infantry, jet bikes and skimmers entering within 24” of him since all terrain, for the offending units, is both difficult and dangerous. In the course of a game where speed is the key to victory, this can be VERY useful. However the best HQ, in my opinion, is not the Rune Priest. It’s…

The Wolf Priest! Ok, ok, maybe I’m biased because I think the Chaplain is the best HQ in Codex: Space Marines, but the principles are all the same. He adds a cohesive effect to the army, giving the unit he is with Preferred Enemy. WOW! Preferred Enemy! Better than the Vanilla “Litanies of Hate” which only allow re-rolls on first round of combat if the squad charged that turn, this allows re-rolls to hit EVERY TIME. Of course the catch is that you must choose a unit-type, but that shouldn’t be a problem because veteran list builders know to build a list with a purpose in mind for every unit. If I was building a list I’d pop this dude in with a Blood Claws squad and pick “infantry” and go to town. Other than that, the Wolf Priest is, effectively, a Space Marine Chaplain. And still the most effective HQ in Codex: Space Wolves.

Now onto Elites.

Wolf Guard are the versatile of versatile. They are the Veterans, Terminators and Sergeants of the Space Wolves and I guarantee you will see them in 90% of Space Wolf lists. Giving Wolf Guards Terminator Armor is cheap. Seven points cheaper than Codex: Space Marines’ Terminators cheap. With that you get a Power Sword and Storm Bolter which is pretty sweet. Now you might be asking “Why did you say Wolf Wing lists are expensive when talking about Logan Grimnar earlier?” Good question. Well you can, conceivably, have a cheap Terminator squad with Power Swords and Storm Bolters but, with a typical 5-man squad, you only get a potential 15 attacks rather than the possible 20 attacks at 25 points less with just regular Wolf Guard and Power Weapons. Sure some people will take them, but the only threat those particular Terminators bring to the table are their 2+ armor which can be easily broken with the Melta spam people seem to love to bring to the table. The threat you want with Terminators (besides the 2+ survivability) is high killing power (dual Lightning Claws) or high-toughness/anti-tank capabilities (Thunder Hammers or Power Fists, though preferably the former). In order to get this with Wolf Guard you need to pay three points more per model than C:SM for dual Wolf Claws (though, on the upside, you get to choose to re-roll either hits or misses), twenty-three more points per model for Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield (NOT worth it!) or eight points more per model for the classic Power Fist/Storm Bolter combo (again, NOT worth it). The most viable option here are the dual Lightning Claws but as a rule I say avoid Wolf Guard Terminators in squads. Instead it may be worthwhile to have a few Terminator-equipped Guard to through in your Blood Claws squads for some extra ‘oompf’ in combat, though I only suggest it at a high point level (1850pt minimum). Taking Wolf Guard without Terminator armor is far more deadly and definitely worthwhile for Close-Combat oriented squads like Blood Claws. If you want a full squad of Power Weapon toting badasses, Wolfguard can be a good option but, like Vanguard for Codex: Space Marines, they can get expensive real quick and lack a good amount of survivability. Their strength is absolutely separating them and making them pack leaders but what you give them is highly dependent on your personal play style.Wolf Scouts are neat. I do have a soft spot for Scouts, but these guys are just plain cool. Their “Behind Enemy Lines” special rule makes them very deadly because on a 3+ they can enter play from any table edge including the enemy’s. This can be game changing if used correctly because you can take out well hidden things early, or you can force your opponent to deploy in a manner that hurts his units’ potential performance in order to limit the damage from the outflanking scouts. Sure, they are just scouts, but they can be deadly. However, they cost fifteen points apiece. I love what these guys can bring to the table, I really do, but I feel that unless you have a solid strategy for Wolf Scouts in your list or have sufficient practice with them in a competitive setting (or you’re playing for fun) I would keep them out of your list. The best way to counter them is just shoot ‘em with massed AP4 weaponry like normal Space Marine scouts as the Wolf Scouts’ only strength is being able to effectively infiltrate enemy lines (which, again, if done correctly, will frak your day up).

Lone Wolves are very different. In essence, he is a watered down Captain for only twenty points. The down-side is that he is always on his own and can never join or be joined with a unit. Yet he can also change a Kill Point game around real quick since if he is killed he does not give up a point and if he is not killed he gives one up, but stays alive longer and potentially racks more points up for the Space Wolves player. Now a strategy to use is to take a Power Weapon and send him into combat side-by-side with some Blood Claws. That gives him extra killy power and forces the enemy to split up attacks (or not split up attacks and save his ass) which is useful. Think of him as an Independent Character that is running with a unit rather than in a unit. Play the Lone Wolf like that and he can be very useful. A problem is that if you want to give him deadlier weaponry, it gets a bit on the expensive side but can be worth it if you are facing a very tough enemy (such as Space Marines).

Time for Troops!

This one will be short and sweet: Grey Hunters are cheap and awesome. Give them ten guys and take two special weapons for the cost of one (expect lots of dual-melta squads)!

Blood Claws will be a bit longer as I love them and they should be in every single Space Wolves list ever (along with at least one Grey Hunters squad for some close-range fire support). Max the squads out at fifteen models, give them two special weapons for the price of one (flamers since they are, at the end of the day, an infantry-hunting unit) and enjoy your fifty-eight attacks on the charge (four per Blood Claw and three per Special Weapon toting Blood Claw). Everyone will hate you. Now this squad has the option to upgrade with Lukas the Trickster which is…costly to say the least. However, he brings a neat ability to the table: when he dies in Close Combat, the Space Wolf player and the enemy roll off and if the Space Wolf player wins any model in base-to-base contact with him is removed as a casualty. If you can fit him into your list, I’d suggest it. Grab a cheap (well, as cheap as you can get) 5-man Blood Claw squad and upgrade to Lukas. Get them into combat with a tough model (Carnifex, Avatar, C’Tan), wait for him to die and potentially destroy the target outright. Of course it’s uncertain whether or not that’ll happen but at the very worst you have tied up a deadly model (or models) for at least one turn and could’ve even wounded it as well (a 5-man Blood Claw squad with a Lukas upgrade has a 70% chance to wound an Avatar on the charge). However, I only suggest Lukas if you have enough room in your list and are not taking other highly-specialized Close Combat squads as it is a tad expensive. If you’re playing against Lukas, don’t let his squad get into Close Combat with anything valuable. Seriously.

Fast Attack time!

Thunderwolf Calvary are expensive and I only see them working well if Fenrisian Wolf squads are taken since said squads can re-roll failed Morale checks if they are within 12” of a Calvary model. Not to mention that they have six strength five attacks on the charge and have a beautiful 12” charge range. They are absolutely deadly in combat, but will get shot to hell unless you have some Fenrisian Wolves to take the heat off of them.

I will forgo talking about Swiftclaw packs as they are Blood Claws with a 12” movement range (bikes and jump packs). Treat them as Blood Claws and you’ll be golden!

Fenrisian Wolves are cheap, but fragile. But for one-hundred twenty points you get sixty attacks on the charge. Crazy awesome. Of course their 6+ save means they’ll die en masse in the first round of combat (usually) but that first round is really all you need to make up their points. Now another benefit of them is the fact that they are so fragile. Why? Because then it is the easy kill for the enemy and it will take some heat off of your other squads. If you saw fifteen close-combat monsters that you can kill very easily, why would you not shoot at them? At least thin their numbers down so it won’t hurt as much when they get into combat, right? Well that is, honestly, the best strategy to use against them, it still allows them to soak up wounds that would normally be targeted at Blood Claws or other highly valuable squads. Fenrisian Wolves are great for those two purposes: hard-hitting first round of combat and a unit to soak up wounds. It’s a beautiful thing.

Lastly, Heavy Support.

Long Fangs are the only unique unit in Codex Space Wolves under this heading and, thus, will be the only unit I talk about! They have a neat ability which allows the Sergeant to forgo his shooting phase and in turn allows the squad to split its fire. This makes squad-based versatility (which I am a fan of anyway) more powerful as it lets you make the most out of the squad in both the anti-tank and anti-infantry categories. Not everyone likes this idea and that’s alright, but this rule can still be useful for those that prefer the all anti-tank or all anti-infantry squads. Yet when it comes down to putting them in a list, I don’t see them being a popular choice only because they can only have five man squads and, as such, will be easy targets. If you have a good rushing screen of Blood Claws and Fenrisian Wolves, however, I think Long Fangs will last a bit longer and be a bit more effective. My opinion, though, is to forget about them and look for long range support elsewhere (like Predators, for example).

Well I hope everyone enjoyed reading my opinion on the competitive aspect of the Space Wolves codex and that I either helped the aspiring Space Wolf players out there or helped prepare you to fight Space Wolves next time you head down to your FLGS. Happy gaming everyone!