Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Strike Force compilation is beginning!

I am beginning work on compiling all the Strike Force changes this weekend so thank you to anyone who submitted suggestions! I am still open to receiving emails with suggestions on the rules, just email me at The download link is here and the thread with current suggestions is here.

What I still need are pictures! If you guys want to submit your pictures of models or your artwork or whatever, just email me the pic with your name and blog or website and I will put a picture credit underneath the name with a link to your blog/website. Remember, these rules will be in the next issue of The Astro Mag so it's a good way to rack up some views!

Thanks all!

(Side note, seems like 40k will be taking a back burner ride for awhile. I'm going to be very busy with school, though I am looking at starting a Chaos army which may light a fire for my 40k love again, and Alex is going to Germany for school so he has other things on his mind. Pat who maybe has posted once on this site, well, I'm still trying to get him to post more. He's probably a lot more active than I am at this point and he is a damn good writer, one I'd love to have on here writing some articles. We'll see!)

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