Monday, October 26, 2009

Blog Suggestion: Hephesto's Forge

Hey guys, since I vegged out this weekend and forgot about the Friday FAQ (surprise, surprise...) I decided I might as well give you something worth while (in my opinion) to look at. An infrequently visited blog! It's called Hephesto's Forge and run by a modeling god/administrator at the Astronomican Forums (where I'm a mod under the alias "Arkaedin") and is overlooked for some reason. So I decided to give him a plug to try and boost his readers.

Now, Hephesto's Forge may be an infrequently updated blog (something to do with the fact that he is Mastering in Psychology :p) but when he do I get jealous of his skill. I absolutely love all the modeling work he does and I'm sure many of you will find it awesome too. Just head on over there, exchange links with him and say hi! Obviously take a look at all his stuff to as his work, as I may have mentioned, is flippin' awesome.


Figured I'd give you guys something different as I work on my "secret project" that you may have found out about if you read my twitter...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

WIP Ogryn

Sorry for no updates in a long time from me; school and such.

Here is an Ogryn WIP (of five that will be done). I stillha ve to do the flesh, the gun, and all the little packs and boots. It is a lot of fun to paint.

Ogryn Front WIP

Ogryn Back WIP

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Dread with Treads!

Woot for cheesy titles! Well yesterday during classes (what a great time to day dream, right?) I was doodling some ideas that were going through my head when I got this epic vision of a dual-autocannon dreadnought rolling over some Chaos Marine with treads. When I got home I had about 2 hours of downtime and didn't have much to do, so I tried building this thing with posterboard, foamboard and whatever bits I could find. In the end I have to say I'm pretty happy with the results. It would've obviously been better with an actual dreadnought torso, but in the end I think it looks pretty cool and I am going to start painting it tonight too. What do you guys think?


Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday FAQ #14

Man, Alex and I have been dropping the ball on updates this month. Sheesh. At any rate, we still have a Friday FAQ for all of you!

When Grey Knights use a rule that is meant to harm demons, does a Demon Prince count?
Is a Demon Prince a demon? Really? That's the question? Believe it or not, it's a hotly debated dilemma and with good reason. There are units in 40k that have a "Demon" special rule such as the Eldar Avatar and pretty much everything in Codex: Chaos Demons. However some units that you would think would have some sort of solid "Demon" rule (like Demon Princes or Summoned Greater/Lesser Demons) do not. Odd, right? Well don't forget that the Demonhunters codex is old. Back then you would follow what the codex defined as Demons which is not incredibly helpful for us.

However, there is a nice little trinket to chew on in support of the logical "Demon Prince is Demon" theory. Page 8 in Codex Demonhunters underneath the "Demonic Infestation" entry states:
Demon Packs, Nurglings and Demon Beast Packs (but not Greater Demons, Demon Princes or any type of Demon) gained the Sustained Attack scenario....
I truncated the quote as it is inapplicable here anyway. What this little section does is list which demons gain a special rule when fighting against Demonhunters and which do not. Demon Princes are listed under the do not. Therefore Demon Princes are Demons.

Personally I think this whole argument is stupid. If you want to argue that Demon Princes (and Summoned Lesser/Greater Demons at that) are not Demons do to a minor oversight on adding "Demon" in their entry then fine. Expect a team of pirate-zombie-ninjas to be dispatched to your house and slap you across the face with spiky mallet.

Terran Forge Final Opinion: Don't be a power-gamer. A Demon Prince is a demon. Duh.

Ignore the overly aggressive tone, it's just a very annoying argument to hear. 40k has its messed up rules and inconsistencies, but this no where near as bad as some other ones. As always, feel free to email us with rules questions! And please leave comments with your opinions!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday FAQ #13

The Friday FAQ is finally back up and Alex and I both apologize for the lack of updates! This week is a question regarding the Codex: Space Marine Librarian Psychic power of "Gate of Infinity":
Can a Librarian and the squad he's with use "Gate of Infinity" to teleport out of close combat?
Let's read what the power states. This can be found on Page 57 of Codex: Space Marines and is the third power down on the right-hand column:
This power is used at the beginning of the Librarian's Movement phase. The Librarian, and any unit he is with, are removed from the tabletop and immediately placed back together anywhere within 24" using the deep strike rules.
Ok, so reading this rule alone it would appear the answer is 'yes' since the power is initiated during the Librarian's movement phase and if he is locked in combat from a previous turn this seems legit. It doesn't say you can't use this power out of assault so it is obvious you can (ignoring the whole idea of a permissive rule-set of course). Here's a situation...

You have a Librarian and a 5-man squad of tactical marines inside a Rhino. The unit he is with is, therefore, the 5-man squad and the Rhino. Going by the letter of the law, I can take the Rhino and deepstrike it anywhere within 24" simply because the power doesn't say I can't do that.

Here's the thing. Warhammer 40,000 has a permissive rules set. If it doesn't say you can't do it, you can't do it. If there are specific rules for an assault, such as page 40, paragraph directly above 'Consolidation':
While a unit is locked in combat it may only make pile-in moves and may not otherwise move or shoot.
The kicker is in bold for ya. Because of that single sentence, a codex rule must specifically override it in order for you to break it. In this case 'Gate of Infinity' does not override this rule and therefore the conclusion is simple.

Terran Forge Final Opinion: You cannot use the 'Gate of Infinity' psychic power to deepstrike out of an assault.

These FAQs are unofficial and in no way supported or endorsed by Games Workshop. If you have a question you'd like answered, feel free to send us an email at!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Here are some Wallpapers I have made for 40k/blogging. If you have any requests or comments, please email me at

In order to download, just right-click and click "Save As" or click on the image and right-click and choose "Set to Desktop Background".

From the Warp

Terran Forge

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Paintin' Up Space Hulk

Well for those of you that follow us on Twitter will know that I gave in and bought Space Hulk. In part, this had to do with Jawaballs' painting contest as Terminators are a really sexy prize :D Not to mention that when I first saw the models, the painter in me kept screaming to buy the thing just so I can paint them (and have a functioning Counts-As Deathwing army plus a small-scale 'nid army to help get friends and family into the hobby). Well here is the first termy painted for the contest in all it's Blood Angels glory (ignore the little speck of snakebite on the back of him. I accidentally get it on right before I took photos and didn't notice it 'till after. Whoops!)


Saturday, October 3, 2009

DoWII Expansion... with Guardsmen? (NOPE!)

UPDATE- Alex let me know that this is from the latest DLC for DoW2 so the source (actiontrip) is wrong. Sadface!

Found this little trinket floating around the internets. It's from a collection of screen-shots at Actiontrip and shows Orks, Eldar and Guardsmen in what appears to be a multi-player setting. It could very well be Relic playing a little trick and taking a screen-shot in Single-player from a Guardsmen's point of view, but hopefully this is a sign of things to come in the highly anticipated Chaos Rising expansion.

Here's your eye-candy:

Friday, October 2, 2009


Hey guys, quick little update to let you know Alex and I are still breathing...
It's been nearly two weeks since our last post and three weeks since our last Friday FAQ. To say we haven't been on the ball is an understatment. We're lazy turds :p

Anyways, since college and all that stuff started back up we both have been incredibly busy with classes. However neither of us have stopped painting or anything altogether, we just haven't had time to update the site. This weekend will be my first open weekend since the end of August so I plan on finishing up a Space Hulk Blood Angel I'm painting for Jawaballs' First Painting Contest which promises to have very stiff competition. I'm also painting up a Genestealer to test out how to paint a Leviathan scheme so I can help out my little brother who is planning on starting a bug army up. Not only that, but I also plan on digging up some rules questions online to compile a bunch of Friday FAQs in advance so I won't have to worry about it on a weekly basis as classes beat the crap out of me daily.

Basically I just wanted to come on and apologize on the behalf of Alex and myself for our lack of updates and we promise to update more (Alex just ordered some Ogryn, so that should be one hell of an update when he gets those painted up!)

Real-life is a bitch, eh?

(BTW, if you haven't noticed, I've updated the site's layout. What do you think?)