Monday, October 26, 2009

Blog Suggestion: Hephesto's Forge

Hey guys, since I vegged out this weekend and forgot about the Friday FAQ (surprise, surprise...) I decided I might as well give you something worth while (in my opinion) to look at. An infrequently visited blog! It's called Hephesto's Forge and run by a modeling god/administrator at the Astronomican Forums (where I'm a mod under the alias "Arkaedin") and is overlooked for some reason. So I decided to give him a plug to try and boost his readers.

Now, Hephesto's Forge may be an infrequently updated blog (something to do with the fact that he is Mastering in Psychology :p) but when he do I get jealous of his skill. I absolutely love all the modeling work he does and I'm sure many of you will find it awesome too. Just head on over there, exchange links with him and say hi! Obviously take a look at all his stuff to as his work, as I may have mentioned, is flippin' awesome.


Figured I'd give you guys something different as I work on my "secret project" that you may have found out about if you read my twitter...

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