Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reminder: Vote for Project Kill Team!

Just a reminder that you should all vote for a new name for Project Kill Team on the poll right over there ---->>

That is all.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Flesh Tearers, Inquisitors, oh my!


Above is a Flesh Tearer. No, I am not starting a Codex: Blood Angels army, however my younger brother is! The thing is, he's never played or painted before so I decided I'd write a tutorial for him. First I wanted to test out what I had in mind on a spare marine (though after I finished I realized he was part of my Devastator squad and I never painted him yet- whoops! He won't be a Flesh Tearer for long lol!). This guy took me almost exactly one hour which is great. I wanted to create a method for my brother that was easy and quick and looked really good. I'm a fan of the way this one turned out. What I'm going to do is in about two weeks I'm heading over to Richmond, VA for a weekend with some guys from the Astronomican forum. While there I'm going to grab a Gabriel Seth model (assuming the guy has one in stock) and paint him up with an exhaustively detailed tutorial. Should be fun. I'm even thinking about buying an HD video camera so I can do a video tutorial. We'll see.

And next on the list, an Inquisitor! Hephesto of Hephesto's Forge sent me him with some other great models when I started my guard army (yes I haven't posted about them in awhile but I want to finish my marines before I think about guard!). I decided to paint him up just so I can do something when I get bored and it was a (successful) attempt to get me back into 40k full-swing. He's still very much a PIP but figure I'd post a progress pic up!


Power Bracket Finals and Kill Team Poll!

Before we get to the bracket, I'd like to mention the poll to the right for choosing a new name for "Project Kill Team". This will be the name of the rules-set itself. If you have a better name that you like, please just post it in the comments of either this post or the Project Kill Team post and I will add it to the poll.

Now, the bracket. I apologize it has taken me so long to post up, I've just been really busy.

The winner is:


I know, I know, surprising, right? Well here's the bracket and underneath the full bracket.



Abaddon just destroyed Marneus and The Sanguinor very easily beat Canis Wolfborne. It was the final between The Sanguinor and Abaddon that was actually very thrilling. The first round Abaddon rolled a 5 for how many extra attacks he got and in one round of combat was able to kill the Blood Angels Champion. However, it is the higher invulnerable save of 3+, the ability to re-roll all to hit and to wound rolls in combat against a specified HQ and his Eternal Warrior that saved The Sanguinor from falling to the blade of Chaos like his father, Sanguinius, did before him.

All in all, a very appropriate ending for this bracket. Good versus Evil in the Calgar/Abaddon match and a replay of the Horus Heresy when Horus killed his brother Sangunius. Only this time, the Blood Angel was able to avenge his father's death. Cool ending if you ask me!

I will be putting the final bracket up permanently on the left-hand side of Terran Forge as well.

Perhaps I will do an alien bracket next.....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chaos Marines Bracket

Ok, here is the last section before the finals, the Chaos Space Marines! The winner, completely unexpectedly [/sarcasm] is Abaddon the Despoiler!

Here is the bracket:

So what's next? Well Abaddon and Marneus will face off in what promises to be an epic duel and Canis Wolfborne and The Sanguinor will have a nice fist fight to see who enters the final arena. Stay tuned, as I'll post up the finals on Tuesday! It's anybody's guess on who's going to win!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blood Angels Bracket

It's a bit later than I wanted to post it, but here it is, the Blood Angels bracket. And the winner is... THE SANGUINOR! Guy ripped through everybody, I was impressed. As a note, I ended up restructuring this bracket a bit because the one I orginially had didn't maketoo much sense.

Click for larger image!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Space Wolves Bracket

Well... this was... interesting, to say the least. There were many times while I was pitting each IC against each other that I second guessed myself because the outcome was just down right odd. A great example is the fact that Canis Wolfbane won. What?! He beat, with lack of anti-tank weaponry mind you, Bjorn the Fellhanded - a gorram dreadnought! Granted, the amount of attacks he had coupled with his heightened strength of 5 and the fact he has rending all contributed to this beat down. The first round he managed to get a wreck, the second went on for a few assault rounds as Canisjust kept getting weapon destroyed and immobilized results.

But yeah. What a shocker. The only reason, I think, he survived against Logan even though the guy (as far as I can tell. I could've missed something) doesn't have an invulnerable save was just because if his heightened toughness. Plus, the pair of claws let him re-roll wounds so that was certainly a plus!

Anyways, here's the bracket:


-Unless Logan would've been killed beforehand, he opted to allocated all attacks as a Power Fist rather than Frost Blade. (Technically a bit of cheating here, but I wanted to keep it as balanced as possible)
-Njal, after testing all shooting psychic attacks, always used "Muderous Hurricane" as it nearly always produced results.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Space Marine Bracket

Here is the promised Space Marine bracket! Marneus Calgar, unsurprisingly, won. What is surprising, however, is that the only one to beat him was Cassius! Very interesting! A few reasons for that were that Marnues couldn't insta-kill him and Cassius has Feel No Pain.

Here's the bracket with each round's win-loss ratio for each opponent (click to enlarge).

- Marneus Calgar was given the Armor of Antilochus
- Tigurius uses Smite in the shooting round and Quickening and Might of the Ancients in the Assault round.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Power Armor Bracket

Hello everyone! Today I decided to do a small week long project that pits Power-Armored special characters in four codices (Space Marines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels and Chaos Space Marinesin a best-of-3 series against each other until at the very end only the best remains. This is definitely for fun, but I'm going to put a poll up to see what people think will happen.
EDIT- No, nevermind. Polls aren't working for some reason. For now just leave who you think will win in the comments of this post!

Here is the bracket (click for the full image):


Every day, starting tomorrow, I will post up each army's results (all the way to the champ). I will skip Monday as I'd like to get some people voting on the overall winner and on Tuesday of next week we will see who is the absolute champion!

So here are the rules I will be abiding by:
-Characters have one round of shooting before assault.
-Character who was seeded first is the first allowed to assault, and it alternates for the next 3 to 6 games.
-Characters will be bare bone unless there are obvious choices to be taken such as Terminator armor for Calgar. Any choice other than the basic wargear will be specifically mentioned.

That's about it.

Hopefully this will be fun and some of you guys will enjoy it!

Thursday June 17th - Space Marines
Friday June 18th - Space Wolves
Saturday June 19th - Blood Angels
Sunday June 20th - Chaos Space Marines

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Project Kill Team: Building a force

Hey guys, I'm hoping by now all the regular visitors to my blog are familiar with my ongoing community project currently dubbed: Project Kill Team. If not, here's a handy link to get you updated and, hopefully, involved!

I was traversing blogs today when I saw Hephesto's post on building a Kill Team force that I thought was too cool not to repost. Here's the link (I highly recommend following it) and a picture from it to tantalize you.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

There's more companies than just GW?

So as I was cruising through my typical blog list and I found an awesome resource over on Hephesto's Forge. It lists and briefly describes various "lesser known" miniature companies and, frankly, is an awesome collection of links. For the conversion-addict, these companies and websites no doubt provide a fantastic array of resources. So go check them out!


Made a few layout changes to the site this weekend. Besides the minor tweaks to the background and such, the most notable addition is the new fancy nav-bar up top. Take a look. Pretty nifty, eh? Up there you can find such things as the Home Page (which you're on! Welcome!), how to Contact us, Wallpapers (for your desktop. Though I guess you could, conceivably, print them out and glue them on your wall at home. Though I'd highly advise against this course of action). Editorials, Friday FAQ (which I have kind of ignored for awhile- oops!), Tutorials and, most importantly (for the time being at least), PROJECT KILL TEAM! Oh yes, this puppy has it's own page now. Cool, right?

On that note, if you'd like to help out even further besides sending suggestions or pictures or whatnot, please feel free to spread the word about it on your own forums or blogs or send in emails to other site owners who you'd think would like to spread this community project. Every bit helps!

Ech. That sounded like a charity advert. My bad.

Oh, one last thing. Take a look at that cool new twitter feed on the left. I think it looks pretty neat, myself.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Project: Kill Team

Due to a site layout change, I will no longer be updating this post and will instead up date the page in the nav bar above titled "Project: Kill Team". A permanent link can be found here.

As I have previously mentioned in blog posts, I am revamping my old Kill Team rulesset avaliable for download here. This post will be permanently added to the top of this page for easy reference and will include a frequently updated list of suggested improvements and suggested new names (as I don't want this to be confused with the Kill Team of the Battle Missions book). Please feel free to email me any suggestions you have on the rules or the suggested rules (if you like them or not, or if you think you can improve on the suggestions further). You may also comment on this post as well. Also, I will update my twitter page with progress so if you are on the site feel free to follow me as well @KevinMCTF


Suggestions in GREEN

1A. Kill-Team:

8. You may use your 175 points to buy 5-15 miniatures from your codex, following the rules explained above. However, note that wargear and weapons do not come out of these 175 points. They are instead bought from each Kill Team’s wargear allowance, which will be discussed in the next section. Character upgrades, such as Nobs, sergeants and champions, do come out of these 175 points. <<--Clarification of rule 9. Minimum squad sizes indicated in codices may be ignored, so a Chaos Kill Team could indeed take a single Berzerker. <<--Clarification of rule QUESTION: What do we do with bonuses that are normally rolled for an entire unit (Combat Drugs, Chaos Possessed, Penal Legion etc)? I’m even considering allow people to choose the bonus...not sure really.

1B. Wargear

1. If the unit normally has the option for a piece of wargear they must pay the cost giving in their specific codex entry. So no finding a weapon or character upgrade that is 5 points cheaper for another unit. In other words, only unique wargear, normally not available, can be taken from other units. <<--Clarification of rule

Army Specific Rules (all just suggestions and observations):

- what about allow each Kill Team to take a single Kroot (not Shaper), with armour and 2 hounds as part of their Kill-Team (which comes to a cool 20 points)

Blood Angels:

Chaos Daemons:
- deployment may need some tweaking, both to bring it in line with the rest of the Kill Team rules. Though it would be cool to keep some randomness, in order to keep the feel of the army alive as well.
- perhaps we should allow a couple of Nurgling swarms?
- really like the idea of being able to use some of the name characters (Changeling etc), though perhaps we should limit it to a single name character?

- daemon deployment, though the rules discussed later in the pdf deal with this just fine
- perhaps we should allow a single Spawn in there, like the Nids can take a single Lictor.


Dark Eldar:

- Perhaps allow a Shadowseer if the troup only consists of Harlequins, despite him being a psyche?

Imperial Guard:
- What to do with the point costs, this as the IG codex only gives points for the minimum squad etc


- May take up to a maximum of 5 Nobz. Note: Mega-Armored Nobz may NOT be taken, nor may bike be taken.

Space Marines:

Space Wolves:
- A Space Wolf Kill Team MUST include at least a single Wolf Guard, who will be the team’s leader. This Pack Leader, and he alone, may select one, and only one, of the following Sagas and associated Oaths: Saga of the Wolfkin, or Saga of the Warrior Born (only 5 kills are needed to fullfill the Oath).

Tau Empire:
- If a Kill-Team only contains 10 or more Kroot, then you may upgrade a single one to a Shaper.
- Note though that in this case the Shaper will be your Kill Team’ leader.

- May either take a single Lictor or up till three Tyranid Warriors in a Kill Team (two may be better – roughly the same price range as well!).
- Can they use spore mines?

Witch Hunters:


-Fire Team
-Strike Force
-Combat 40k
-Recon/Recon 40k
-Tactical Assault