Friday, June 18, 2010

Space Wolves Bracket

Well... this was... interesting, to say the least. There were many times while I was pitting each IC against each other that I second guessed myself because the outcome was just down right odd. A great example is the fact that Canis Wolfbane won. What?! He beat, with lack of anti-tank weaponry mind you, Bjorn the Fellhanded - a gorram dreadnought! Granted, the amount of attacks he had coupled with his heightened strength of 5 and the fact he has rending all contributed to this beat down. The first round he managed to get a wreck, the second went on for a few assault rounds as Canisjust kept getting weapon destroyed and immobilized results.

But yeah. What a shocker. The only reason, I think, he survived against Logan even though the guy (as far as I can tell. I could've missed something) doesn't have an invulnerable save was just because if his heightened toughness. Plus, the pair of claws let him re-roll wounds so that was certainly a plus!

Anyways, here's the bracket:


-Unless Logan would've been killed beforehand, he opted to allocated all attacks as a Power Fist rather than Frost Blade. (Technically a bit of cheating here, but I wanted to keep it as balanced as possible)
-Njal, after testing all shooting psychic attacks, always used "Muderous Hurricane" as it nearly always produced results.

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