Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Project: Kill Team

Due to a site layout change, I will no longer be updating this post and will instead up date the page in the nav bar above titled "Project: Kill Team". A permanent link can be found here.

As I have previously mentioned in blog posts, I am revamping my old Kill Team rulesset avaliable for download here. This post will be permanently added to the top of this page for easy reference and will include a frequently updated list of suggested improvements and suggested new names (as I don't want this to be confused with the Kill Team of the Battle Missions book). Please feel free to email me any suggestions you have on the rules or the suggested rules (if you like them or not, or if you think you can improve on the suggestions further). You may also comment on this post as well. Also, I will update my twitter page with progress so if you are on the site feel free to follow me as well @KevinMCTF


Suggestions in GREEN

1A. Kill-Team:

8. You may use your 175 points to buy 5-15 miniatures from your codex, following the rules explained above. However, note that wargear and weapons do not come out of these 175 points. They are instead bought from each Kill Team’s wargear allowance, which will be discussed in the next section. Character upgrades, such as Nobs, sergeants and champions, do come out of these 175 points. <<--Clarification of rule 9. Minimum squad sizes indicated in codices may be ignored, so a Chaos Kill Team could indeed take a single Berzerker. <<--Clarification of rule QUESTION: What do we do with bonuses that are normally rolled for an entire unit (Combat Drugs, Chaos Possessed, Penal Legion etc)? I’m even considering allow people to choose the bonus...not sure really.

1B. Wargear

1. If the unit normally has the option for a piece of wargear they must pay the cost giving in their specific codex entry. So no finding a weapon or character upgrade that is 5 points cheaper for another unit. In other words, only unique wargear, normally not available, can be taken from other units. <<--Clarification of rule

Army Specific Rules (all just suggestions and observations):

- what about allow each Kill Team to take a single Kroot (not Shaper), with armour and 2 hounds as part of their Kill-Team (which comes to a cool 20 points)

Blood Angels:

Chaos Daemons:
- deployment may need some tweaking, both to bring it in line with the rest of the Kill Team rules. Though it would be cool to keep some randomness, in order to keep the feel of the army alive as well.
- perhaps we should allow a couple of Nurgling swarms?
- really like the idea of being able to use some of the name characters (Changeling etc), though perhaps we should limit it to a single name character?

- daemon deployment, though the rules discussed later in the pdf deal with this just fine
- perhaps we should allow a single Spawn in there, like the Nids can take a single Lictor.


Dark Eldar:

- Perhaps allow a Shadowseer if the troup only consists of Harlequins, despite him being a psyche?

Imperial Guard:
- What to do with the point costs, this as the IG codex only gives points for the minimum squad etc


- May take up to a maximum of 5 Nobz. Note: Mega-Armored Nobz may NOT be taken, nor may bike be taken.

Space Marines:

Space Wolves:
- A Space Wolf Kill Team MUST include at least a single Wolf Guard, who will be the team’s leader. This Pack Leader, and he alone, may select one, and only one, of the following Sagas and associated Oaths: Saga of the Wolfkin, or Saga of the Warrior Born (only 5 kills are needed to fullfill the Oath).

Tau Empire:
- If a Kill-Team only contains 10 or more Kroot, then you may upgrade a single one to a Shaper.
- Note though that in this case the Shaper will be your Kill Team’ leader.

- May either take a single Lictor or up till three Tyranid Warriors in a Kill Team (two may be better – roughly the same price range as well!).
- Can they use spore mines?

Witch Hunters:


-Fire Team
-Strike Force
-Combat 40k
-Recon/Recon 40k
-Tactical Assault


Hephesto said...

Well as said those race-specific suggestion may just over complicate matters, but I figured I'd give it a shot nonetheless. With some luck I will be getting my INQ books back tomorrow, so I can finish those last two armies then.



Hephesto said...

Righto, also posted a link and info on my blog. So we knows, we may be able to draw in some more feedback and fanatical builders!

Kevin said...

Thanks Heph! I'm also getting Ron at FTW to post it up and I'm going to email BoLS this weekend to see if they can give it a shout out. I'm really hoping to make this a great community project!

Hephesto said...

Aye, ideamakers of the web unite!

I'll try and get through the next section by this weekend, so we can keep the pace going. Normally I'd be a lot quicker with this, but thesis writing is a draining task.

I am starting to think though that I may have gone slightly overboard on all the race-specific rules, relative simplicity is afterall one of the strongpoints of this game. At the same time I can also see the benefit of such optional rules or suggestions.

It simply needs some more input I'd say, I'll see if I can't get some more folks at Astro to toss in there 5 cents.

Hephesto said...

Quick question, is there anything you want me to look at first, or should I just go through the rest stepwise?

That and if I can keep up the pace I should have a nicely converted Kill Team (or whatever it may be called by then) finish in a couple of weeks.

Gareth said...

Hey are you familiar with World in Arms... I think that is the name... It is based off the Mordhiem rule set but modified for 40k (making it very much like Necromunda) but it has lists for different races... including small sub factions such as Harlequins and Kroot. Now I think you want something that runs off the standard 40k rules but it would be worth looking at.

Hephesto said...

Excellent suggestion there Gareth, been looking for those rules for a while now as well. Very tricky to get a hold off though, all the old download spots seem to have died off.

Gareth said...

It is probably hidden somewhere on my hard-drive, I could most likely e-mail it to you if you wish?