Sunday, June 13, 2010


Made a few layout changes to the site this weekend. Besides the minor tweaks to the background and such, the most notable addition is the new fancy nav-bar up top. Take a look. Pretty nifty, eh? Up there you can find such things as the Home Page (which you're on! Welcome!), how to Contact us, Wallpapers (for your desktop. Though I guess you could, conceivably, print them out and glue them on your wall at home. Though I'd highly advise against this course of action). Editorials, Friday FAQ (which I have kind of ignored for awhile- oops!), Tutorials and, most importantly (for the time being at least), PROJECT KILL TEAM! Oh yes, this puppy has it's own page now. Cool, right?

On that note, if you'd like to help out even further besides sending suggestions or pictures or whatnot, please feel free to spread the word about it on your own forums or blogs or send in emails to other site owners who you'd think would like to spread this community project. Every bit helps!

Ech. That sounded like a charity advert. My bad.

Oh, one last thing. Take a look at that cool new twitter feed on the left. I think it looks pretty neat, myself.

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