Sunday, June 27, 2010

Power Bracket Finals and Kill Team Poll!

Before we get to the bracket, I'd like to mention the poll to the right for choosing a new name for "Project Kill Team". This will be the name of the rules-set itself. If you have a better name that you like, please just post it in the comments of either this post or the Project Kill Team post and I will add it to the poll.

Now, the bracket. I apologize it has taken me so long to post up, I've just been really busy.

The winner is:


I know, I know, surprising, right? Well here's the bracket and underneath the full bracket.



Abaddon just destroyed Marneus and The Sanguinor very easily beat Canis Wolfborne. It was the final between The Sanguinor and Abaddon that was actually very thrilling. The first round Abaddon rolled a 5 for how many extra attacks he got and in one round of combat was able to kill the Blood Angels Champion. However, it is the higher invulnerable save of 3+, the ability to re-roll all to hit and to wound rolls in combat against a specified HQ and his Eternal Warrior that saved The Sanguinor from falling to the blade of Chaos like his father, Sanguinius, did before him.

All in all, a very appropriate ending for this bracket. Good versus Evil in the Calgar/Abaddon match and a replay of the Horus Heresy when Horus killed his brother Sangunius. Only this time, the Blood Angel was able to avenge his father's death. Cool ending if you ask me!

I will be putting the final bracket up permanently on the left-hand side of Terran Forge as well.

Perhaps I will do an alien bracket next.....

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