Sunday, June 27, 2010

Flesh Tearers, Inquisitors, oh my!


Above is a Flesh Tearer. No, I am not starting a Codex: Blood Angels army, however my younger brother is! The thing is, he's never played or painted before so I decided I'd write a tutorial for him. First I wanted to test out what I had in mind on a spare marine (though after I finished I realized he was part of my Devastator squad and I never painted him yet- whoops! He won't be a Flesh Tearer for long lol!). This guy took me almost exactly one hour which is great. I wanted to create a method for my brother that was easy and quick and looked really good. I'm a fan of the way this one turned out. What I'm going to do is in about two weeks I'm heading over to Richmond, VA for a weekend with some guys from the Astronomican forum. While there I'm going to grab a Gabriel Seth model (assuming the guy has one in stock) and paint him up with an exhaustively detailed tutorial. Should be fun. I'm even thinking about buying an HD video camera so I can do a video tutorial. We'll see.

And next on the list, an Inquisitor! Hephesto of Hephesto's Forge sent me him with some other great models when I started my guard army (yes I haven't posted about them in awhile but I want to finish my marines before I think about guard!). I decided to paint him up just so I can do something when I get bored and it was a (successful) attempt to get me back into 40k full-swing. He's still very much a PIP but figure I'd post a progress pic up!


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the other Kevin said...

I've got an Inquisitor deep in the painting queue. I've been playing with the idea of using mostly white armor. This gives me some inspiration. Looking forward to seeing more of your IG.