Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Painting Progress

When I first started this blog with Alex (perhaps even shortly before) I remember seeing "Painting Progress Points" that Ron posted on From the Warp who got them from Lone Pilgrim. I thought it was a neat idea. Then, today, I saw JabberJabber at Warpstone Flux do the same thing and thought "You know, maybe this will help keep me motivated!" So check out the tab on the right hand side of the page to watch my progress and Alex's progress as we paint up our armies. Currently I have 12 points (mainly because I had to paint up a huge Necron Army so I didn't get to do much of what I wanted :( ). Since that is a very depressingly low number, expect plenty of updates in the coming weeks! I want to hit 100 points before June!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Meat Grinder

Hey everyone, Dictator (Alex) here with another evaluation of the upcoming Guard Codex. This week, it concerns the rank and file Guardsman.

3rd/4th edition Codex:

The infantry one could choose in this codex were actually rather varied in terms of their traits thanks to doctrines. But the one problem with this was that there was not much meat for the grinder. When you needed to "take the hill", you would take the hill with about 35 troops tricked out with sharpshooters, cameleoline, and Light Infantry. It was rather "unguard like" to have individual troops that were around 8 points each. In the end your "normal" guardsmen were just as squashy as ever except you had less of them.

The 3rd/4th edition Codex was great at making our troops better, but I believe it backed the guard into a corner where we did not rely on our strengths: massed infantry and unique tactics (you know, like a real Army... Sort of). Instead we had smaller unit sizes as everyone tried to max out on Lemann Russ's and hellhound's in 1500 point games. Not good, not guard-like.

5th edition Codex

First off, basic squad is 50 points: The cheapest normal guardsmen have been. This means we will have troops and more of them. Unlike other people I will not use the new found 100 points or so in my list to get another tank or two, I will probably be filling it with more infantry. Either that, or giving my infantry Chimera's.

Without doctrines the codex could have fallen into boredom and repetition (something I accuse of the
3rd/4th edition Codex). But thankfully it won't because of the new Orders system and unique special characters. Each Platoon level officer gives 1 Order per turn, and every Command level officer gives 2 per turn. This is essentially where the guard's new strength lies. When we need our troops to be extraordinary, issue an order and watch your opponent pull the hair out of his head!

*Need to hold that objective?
How about adding 2 to your cover save?
*That Terminator Lord is very scary, not enough LASGUNS!
Turn 60 Las-shots into 90.
Plus 1 to armour penetration is available!

The best part is that these are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many unique orders per officer and others that come regularly that I did not mention here.

But, there is a problem. The Order range is only 12 inches! And it roles on the leadership of the squad! That means you have to keep your newly Leadership 8 (they come with a veteran sergeant) guard infantry very close to their officer. This also means officers are invaluable to your mission success, and as a result, high priority targets.

You can give your officer body guards, but they are 30 points for two superfluous wounds (almost the price of another guard squad!). My suggestion is do what we have always done since 5th edition came out. Protect our valuable assets with a lot of meaty cadian-born infantry. The officer will be surprisingly fine if he is covered in a wall of 50 guardsmen, which are much more intimidating than his one order per turn. (they can even be many kill-points or objective grabbers the enemy would not mind toasting)


My suggestions for this new codex.

1. While it is all fun and games to play whit our new Leman russ toys, remember, chimera's are cheap and our troops are cheap. Use them, 2/3rds of games are objective based anyways.

2. Vox-net is not so important until you use it. Vox nets no longer share leadership, which sucks. But they do allow for a re roll of orders. Typically when you will use orders, you will REALLY need them. This 5 point safety net is probably worth it.

3. Don't max out on plasma. Mortars and Grenade Launchers are much cheaper. Have your objective holders use mortars (PINNING!) and your objective grabbers use their Grenade Launchers (assault weapons FTW).

4. Veteran Squads are made for Valkyries... Rapid insertion, rapid damage, Veteran squads excel at this

5. Keep the Leman Russ's at a minimum below 1500 points, above 1500, splurge on them.

6. Don't forget about using your orders. They can be used every turn, so use them. Write them down on a piece of paper, on your hand, tattoo them to your arm. I don't care, just do whatever you can so that you remember that orders are there!

That is all for this week, next week iw ill come back with a more in depth look at the "specialty" units and vehicles in the new codex.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hey guys. "Captain Kellen" over on the Astronomican forums finished a project meant for fun games that brings the Dark Angel's codex "up to snuff" for 5th edition, making them a bit more fun to play. A lot of people don't agree with this sort of thing, but I suggest giving it a read as it is very professionally laid out and has some cool stories in there as well! If you guys have any input, feel free to post comments and I'll forward them over to Kellen.

Enjoy! (click the image to download!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Kevin here. Well, I used to have an ork army. A rather large ork army. Bought, built and painted 4000pts in may to august of 2008 and then I sold them shortly after (still have a few pieces left, but that's besides the point). I have a TON of ork bitz left over which are great for random things because, well, they're orks! I'm planning on going to my first Games Day in Chicago in 2009 and decided to try my hand at some Golden Demon pieces. Last night I had an idea to do a fairly dynamic looking ork duel that is basically depicting a power struggle between a boy and a Nob. Work is slow because I have to sculpt the legs which is proving difficult, but I have been pretty successful in my progress. Here's where I'm at so far (I'm not going to say what it will look like in the end, I'll leave that to your imagination. The first people that will see this completed will be those at Games Day Chicago. Just want to maintain some secrecy on it!

Enough talk, here's my progress:

The armor on his left leg has detailing on it, just the flash from the camera drowns it out. Ah well.

So what do you guys think so far? Any crits for improvements?

Inspirational 40k

Hey guys, Kevin here.

The other day I was in a real "painting slump". I really wanted to get some guys painted, but I didn't have any motivation. Instead of putting down my brush and going to do something else, I decided to go through different 40k sites to see if I couldn't find any inspiration to really get my painting spirit back on track.

This got me thinking, why not share what is motivating me with the rest of the online community? Below are a few links to posts in threads/blogs, pictures I find on the internet etc. Anything that is currently motivating me in my painting.

Chicago '08 Golden Demon: 40k Vehicle
The weathering on the Rhino really got me thinking about different ways I can get the Rhino I'm currently painting look unique.

40k Rhino on CMON
I've been working on a lot of freehand stuff, and this tank really gave me ideas!

Gareth's Ork Tribe

Full Thread Here
Currently, I'm doing a lot of Ork work in preparation for Chicago Golden Demon '09 (if you're going to be there give us a shout!) Gareth's work is just fantastic and the little conversions he does really brings out the best of the models.

-Mort-'s Tank Weathering
Full Thread Here
As I said, I'm working on painting a Rhino with weathering, and this rust is just fantastic!

Spikyjames' Ultramarine Rhino

Full Thread Here
Everytime Spikyjames puts something up, I'm usually drooling over it. The subtlety of the weathering on the Rhino, and the colors themselves, really make them beautiful pieces on the table top.

Well, those are my top 5 inspirations for the week! If this is something you'd like see become a weekly installment, please comment! Also, if you guys have anything that's really inspiring you to paint/convert/whatever, just email it to us and we'll include it in (if this becomes a regular piece, that is).

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ah, the call to battle...

Hey Everyone Dictator (Alex) here,

I finally finished off a squad of Guardsmen. Completely finished other than a spraying of Dull Coat, which I really cannot do in my dorms for fear of killing myself and others due to fumes.

Here they are!


Click the Image to make it larger. Also if you want a larger image, request it in the comments and I will edit this post.

Each one takes about an hour and a half to two hours with the flesh and clothing taking up a great portion of that time. That is about 15-17 hours of painting just for ten guys. For a bare minimum platoon that is 37.5-42.5 hours. That is almost two days of painting without sleep, or 2 days with almost five hours of sleep per day just for about 140 points in the new codex.

Then think about doing this for a 2,000 point army... AHHHHHH!!!!! WHERE DID MY LIFE GO?!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Painted Valhallan Sculpt! (finally!)

Well, I have finally got off my ass and painted one of my Valhallan resin casts. When I first got the idea for my fluffy Valhallan army, I wanted to paint them to a very high standard. However, having unprofessional models (ie. NOT Games Workshop), it's incredibly hard to paint very well because there tend to be imperfections where you don't want them. Quite annoying, but such is the price for saving money.

Though, that said, I have to say I'm quite content with the way they look. They are to what I consider a table-top standard and, for my sculpts, that's perfectly fine. But when I start converting Cadians, oh I promise a much higher standard for them!

Now onto the pictures (click to make 'em bigger!)...


Friday, March 20, 2009

Lepp's First Post

Today, I ordered some Ork goodies from FW for my Evil Sunz (expect to see more of them soon!). They asked me a question that reminded me of a long-standing problem I've had with Forge World, so I wrote them this letter:

Dear Forge World,

Let me start with some sycophantery (is that even a word? I don’t think so …). You guys kick ass. I have some of your smaller pieces – a Dreadnought plasma cannon, a Red Scorpions Veterans upgrade pack, and soon some nice Orky know-wots. They are gorgeous and really add to the character of an army, as well as being a tangible thing you can point to when saying your army is prettier than a friend’s.

Now that’s done with, here’s my problem: today, when I ordered the aforementioned Orky know-wots, you asked me an unfair question. To the best of my memory, here it is: “If you had just ONE wish, what miniature would you like to see us produce?” I understand you want to avoid wishlisting from people, some of whom will invariably include units that they’ve made up. But you made me choose: Salamanders or Iron Hands Venerable Dreadnoughts. HOW CAN YOU JUSTIFY FORCING ANYONE TO MAKE THAT KIND OF CHOICE? How do you choose between the dragons, scales, and flame imagery (not to mention the inevitable awesome looking helmet) of a Salamander and the blunt, high-tech, practical yet somehow artful look of an Iron Hand? You can see why I was pissed. Trying to list just ONE mini, I chose the Salamander, as I’ll be starting up a Salamander army sometime this year.

However, I came up with a list of demands: Venerable Dreadnoughts for every loyalist Legion. You’ve already got the Dark Angels and Ultramarines down, and as you’ll inevitably come out with Space Wolves and Blood Angels Dreadnoughts when their respective codices are released, that means just five to go. The Imperial Fists Dread would double as a Crimson Fist Dread, so that’s really two birds with one stone. Most importantly, you need to do Salamanders and Iron Hands Dreads. They would look SO awesome. I mean, you did two Dreadnoughts for the Death Guard (not that I’m complaining; they both look awesome, the Death Guard are my favorite Legion, and the more recent one is definitely more Death Guard and the older more generic Nurgle). You did a Chaplain Dreadnought. The loyalists really deserve some love – it’s been far too long, and it seems like everybody else has their own Dreadnoughts. How would you feel if you went to a party and everybody else had their own sweet-ass death machines piloted by a veteran of hundreds of years of constant warfare EXCEPT YOU? I think you see my point.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Imperial Guard Rumor (pictures!)

Well, we all are getting very excited about the Imperial Guard codex (and if you're not, get out of your cave already!). Dictator has gone through so many pairs of pants that he is now doing his laundry twice a day. But who can blame him?

Anyways, going through different 40k sites (like I do when I'm putting of actual work) I stumbled across this picture from user Chaosftw on Heresy-Online (Click Here for the thread).

Careful, you might drool on your keyboard!

All those tanks have already been stated in rumors, but the validity of them is questioned by all those cynics out there (for good reason though!). Now we have tangible evidence of their inclusion in the codex and I am just SO EXCITED! I'm getting three Leman Russes in the mail later this week/early next through a trade that finally went through so expect some serious conversion. I'm thinking a Punisher wouldn't be out of the question, right?

So, what are your guys' thoughts on these tanks? Which do you think will be your favorite? What are your complaints about them?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ivan Karamazov: Valhallan Senior Officer

So I painted up my Senior Officer, Ivan Karamazov.
There is no painted metal on him whatsoever, it was my first attempt at a model with only NMM (there's not much, but still).


Thursday, March 12, 2009

WIP Guardsmen

Hey Alex (Dictator) here! These are some guardsmen I am working on during my spring break.

6 Guardsmen WIP

They are a part of a squad which includes these dudes.

4 Guardsmen

These represent to me the quality of the rank in file in my army. Poor guardsmen with only a flak-jacket and a las-rifle. They are a part of list I have been thinking upthat will hopefully include one of ym favorite additions to the new Imperial Guard codex.

With the new codex there is one very special tank that has caught my eye. It is not any of the big named tanks though, it has been put on the back burner with all this press. It is not the Exterminator with its Heavy 4 twin-linked las-cannon. It is not the Executioner with Heavy 3 Execution Cannon (small blast). And it is not the controversial Punisher with its Heavy 20 Strength 5 Ap - gattling Cannon.

It is the seemingly humble Eradicator.

The Eradicator comes packed with the all new Eradicator Nova Cannon: A strength 6 AP4 Large Blast with an "ignores cover" special rule. While it is not as flashy as the other new Leman Russ variants, it will get many jobs done. With the new Leman Russ special rule "Lumbering behemoth" (move 6 and fire ALL weapons), this thing is especially deadly. It is no MEQ killer, but it will ruin everyone else's day.

See those scouts in cover with a 3+ cover save (or 2+ if the building is fortified), they are not there any longer. This applies to eldar rangers, the notorious nob bikers (not so tough with out that consistent 4+ cover save are you, FNP will fail eventually), and any unit holding an objective.

Typically objectives are placed with cover for units controlling them in mind. As a result, the eradicator is a great objective breaker. Those that hold objectives are often hard to break due to unit size and available cover (rangers, pathfinders, scouts, guardsmen, dire avengers, orks boys, fire warriors, DE warriors, etc...) will be no match for the Eradicator Nova Cannon.

The Eradicator has its downsides though. It is not effective vs. MEQ, it is mmost useful in objective based games (sadly only 2/3 of all missions), and it has a limited rande of 36". It will be close support position breaker, not a long range devestator that the standard Leman Russ is.

But for those 2/3 of missions that are objective based, and for 7/12 (MEQ includes SoB, Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Necrons, and Daemon Hunters) opponent armies, this tank will dominate.

Now only if everyone and his brother did not play Space Marines...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1750pt Space Marine Tank Wall

Hey guys!
So I'm not all about modeling and painting (though it's my favorite part!). I've been toying with this idea for about a week now and tomorrow (Tuesday March 10th) is when my wargaming club meets and I wanted to give it a try. First the list, then the tactics. Let me know what you guys think (or if there are any noticeable flaws or whatnot! I'm not that great at army list creating to be honest).

Chaplain - 115pts
+ jump pack

x10 Tactical Squad - 180pts
+ Plasma Gun
+ Heavy Bolter

Rhino - 35pts

x10 Tactical Squad - 180pts
+ Plasma Gun
+ Heavy Bolter

Rhino - 35pts

x10 Tactical Squad - 205pts
+ Flamer
+ Las-Cannon
+ Power Fist

Rhino - 35pts

x5 Assault Terminators - 200pts
+ x5 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shields

Land Raider - 250pts

Iron Clad Dreadnought - 145pts
+ Heavy Flamer

Drop Pod - 55pts
+ Deathwind Missile Launcher

Fast Attack
x10 Assault Squad - 230pts
+ Power Fist
+ Storm Shield

Heavy Support
Whirlwind - 85pts

TOTAL = 1750 points


The basic idea is to rush the Rhinos forward the full 12" to create a "wall" for my marines. At this point I pop smokes (helps them last longer). Remember, the only way to destroy this wall is to roll a 6 on the penetration chart, so it should be there for awhile. My first two tactical squads will either sit back and hold a home objective OR be placed in heavy cover with clear firing lanes (for kill point missions). The third tactical squad will be split into combat squads. The Flamer-wielding marine will be attached with the Sarge and follow behind the Assault squad who are scouring out good targets (shooty units, most likely). The second part of the combat squad will be held back near the first two tacticals and help dent some armor. Mostly an annoyance here.

Ironclad, since it comes in first turn, either drops on an objective with any armor nearby (or tightly-packed units) or just by any armor (or, once again, tightly packed units). The later obviously in kill-team missions. The Ironclad will help divert fire (and if not, even better!) and the deathwind will deter many fragile units from getting too close to the objective. It's more a psychological tool than anything. Whirlwind sits back, blocked by most enemy LOS, and enjoys itself. The Assault Terminators will be riding in the Land Raider. The Lascannons will aid in destroying any tanks, if it doesn't, ah well. Another psychological tool here. The terminators will then engage EITHER good CC units (Howling Banshees, for example) or tanks (if there are a lot).

So that's basically it.

In summary: Wall of Rhinos, assault squad and combat squad of third tactical squad advances, whirlly hides, assault terminators pick off heavy targets, land raider annoys people along with the ironclad/drop pod.

Thoughts? Improvements? Mocking of my list?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Valhallan Vanquisher PIP

Well since courses are starting up again this week for me and my 11-6 days are looking bleak for as much 40k a I'd like, I decided to post up some pictures of my PIP Vanquisher for my Valhallans!

Hope you guys like it!
(my first attempt at tank rust mind you!)

Note: The Heavy Bolter that I glued on the hull fell off at one point and when I glued it back on, well, I must not have been paying attention because it's upside down! Thanks for pointing that out Alex!


If you scream in the middle of a battlefield, but you just killed everyone with the giant gun on your tank so there's no one around to hear it, did you actually make a sound?

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Knights of Orion

Hey, Kevin here. Well I figured I might as well start showing my homebrew Space Marine chapter, The Knights of Orion. I have a good 5,000 points of these guys and they're growing, though i have yet to complete painting a whole squad (many are close, but still need detailing and all that crap!). Here is the fluff behind my chapter and some pictures of things I actually have completed for the army, enjoy!

The Knights of Orion

The Knights of Orion are a mysterious chapter, first appearing in Imperial records when they attacked a Chaos Strike Cruiser headed toward the Cadian gate. The Knights of Orion, according to the accounts of a small Imperial escort passing through the system, "Appeared out of nowhere. . . as if they were spawns from the warp". Indeed, after an Inquisitor and a large retinue of Grey Knights were dispatched to deal with mysterious chapter did the Imperium discover that this Space Marine force was lost and considered dead in the warp shortly after the Second Founding. No records remained of the Knights of Orion's history, only what could be recalled from memory.

Their Chapter Master, Arkaedin, told the Inquisitor that in about 500.M31 the Knights of Orion were dispatched to pursue an Iron Warrior Strike Cruiser. The marines followed them into the warp, which was set as a trap which they could not escape. They lost 80% of their force, including most of their Librarians who desperately tried to keep the warp spawns from entering their cruiser. Fighting ensued for what seemed like years until, finally, the Techmarines and Librarians that remained were able to construct a nearly impenetrable, highly modified Geller field. By that time, however, the damage was catastrophic. Not only did nearly every marine die, but all the Chapter's records and history were burned or destroyed in the fighting. This would not have ordinarily been a problem, but events soon occurred that would change the chapter forever.

Not able to find a safe passage from the warp to the material realm (without sacrificing the modified Geller field), the Knights boldly decided to wage war on nearby Demon worlds, in an attempt to gain a small foothold in the warp. In order to do this, however, each marine had to be trained to gaze upon the warp without delving into madness. Also, they had to have psychic shields to prevent the warp from penetrating their weak minds (with regard to psychic capability). Eventually such a device was created and implemented into the helmets of each marine; yet their minds still had to be trained properly. It was a long, arduous process that involved wiping all emotional memory from the marines. This included their homeworlds, their chapter history, and their primarch. All that remained was the knowledge of being a warrior, the Emperor and the Imperium for which they fought. Only one marine in the chapter retained the history, and his name was Dorian, Epistolary of the Knights of Orion.

During a battle on a Demon world, the Knights would push forward, only to be pushed back further than they started. This world was home to a Bloodthirster, and if it died the planet was in a perfect defensive position if the Imperium would ever invade the warp in massed force. Thus, seeing an opportunity arise, Dorian used all his psychic might to manipulate the guardians of Bloodthirster Gal'thek's palace into destroying it themselves. The Librarian strained and strained to get this done and succeeded, but the Bloodthirster recognized psychic warfare when it was used. Enraged that some mere mortal from the material realm would attempt to use magic on his planet, the prophet of Khorne emerged from his palace and sought out the offender. Gal'thek landed in front of the bold psyker and, with a mighty swing of his axe, decapitated him spraying gore vertically and all over the torso of the Bloodthirster. Knowing there was no chance at victory, the Knights of Orion quickly evacuated the planet to their ever growing Strike Cruiser.

Arkaedin, in charge of the Knights since his the original Master, whose name he cannot recall, died when they first entered the warp, decided it was time to try and return to the Imperium they barely remember. It was shortly after this decision that they were able to find an appropriate gate to the material realm and realized it was caused by a Chaos strike cruiser. They decided to raid the ship and destroy as many as they could, after all, they failed their original mission for the Iron Warriors escaped successfully. Ironically, it was an Iron Warrior ship that they now pursued, and this time they would not be denied victory. The 400 Knights (out of the original 2000) raided the ship and killed all 1,700 Iron warrior marines, taking only 18 casualties. The success had everything to do with their surprise attack from the warp. The Iron Warriors had no chance.

So here they were, in an Imperium far changed from the one they barely remembered. A chapter long lost to the annals of history. A chapter that would fight for the Emperor until every last marine lay dying in glory.


There are many theories as to the history of the Knights of Orion. The most popular are the Salamanders (since they have many similar traits) and the Ravenguard (for their specialization in stealth and infiltration fighting). The more radical ideas are the Iron Hands (for their superb construction skills) and the Dark Angels (for the numerous Dark Angel iconography). There is another suggestion that they are a successor chapter of the Alpha Legion, but there is little evidence to support this.

Fighting Style
The Knights of Orion seem to have a perfect knowledge of when to shoot and when to assault. They make use of many melta and flamer weapons as well. In almost all their battles the deploy scouts; the main reason being that they have so few in number that their scouts need to get as much action as possible. The Legion of the Damned also seem to favor the Knights of Orion as in many campaigns this legion can be found dropping to give aid to the Knights in many situations.

The Knights of Orion rarely perform any defense maneuvers as they are a mobile force (such as the Imperial Fists or Black Templars). As such, they embark on missions to annex as much territory for the Imperium as possible.

Chapter Symbol
The Chapter symbol for the Knights of Orion are two crossed swords with a flame in the middle. The Swords represent their nobility in the face of war while the flame is the heat upon which all weaponry is forged, and therefore very important to the chapter and Imperium itself.


Now for some pics. You already see the top of the Rhino, so here's the rest of her:

My Librarian, Venerari:

My scout Sergeant Julius:

And a converted Ironclad (using the Assault on Black Reach dreadnought)

What do you guys think?

Necron Commission: Done (for now)

Hey guys, Kevin here.

Had a Necron Commission that i just finished (at least this batch, but more on that later) and got this last set (23 warriors, 1 destroyer and 1 converted Heavy Destroyer) done in 4 hours:


Now I said "this batch" because the guy may have an entire Phalynx for me to paint after I send him this stuff. In payment, I'm receiving a mixture of money and guard stuff so my Valhallans should be well reinforced soon enough!

Here's a pic of all the Necrons I painted for this commission (1 Lord, 40 Warriors, 2 Destroyers, 1 converted Heavy Destroyer, 10 Scarab Swarms):


I'm just really glad I finally finished this thing, I really hate painting Necrons (warriors are so boring, game-wise and model-wise!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cadia's Finest (Hopefully)

For my first post on the blog I thought I would show my direction for my army; both artistically and from a gaming perspective.

My one and only army is imperial guard. I started the hobby at a young age, and like a lot of people, I lost my interest and then later in life picked it up again. This is how my Imperial guard army started.

Now for an embarrassing photo.
Googly Eyed!
Beware of his googly eyes, poorly constructed bolter, and thick tangerine skin!

My first attempt at guard was pitiful, but then again, I was 11. My army consisted of two minimum platoons, a basilisk, a sentinel, and for some reason a Forgeworld Salamander. This of course made no sense from a gaming perspective, but, the models were cool (even if poorly painted).

Flash forward 7 years and I take up the hobby again with a friend who had also played when he was younger. I understand the game mechanics a lot more, and can actually paint due to art training and doodling in school. I don't really have an idea for an army at this point, I just want to get the models and start playing games. So I purchase a chimera and two boxes of cadians. For a long time this was my army (along with the old catachans vehicles).

It was fun to play with but lacked any style or consistent theme. It also was not very effective. I decided I would start taking the army building a little more seriously from this point on. I repainted the basilisk (this most recent summer), bought a leman russ Vanquisher, a lot of infantry, and two heavy weapon teams. Things were getting serious.

Artisitcally, I always loved the color blue and really liked urban themed armies. So I decided upon a blue scheme for my army army with a lot of grey and black.
I ended up with this.
Bandage Vet
As you can see I have improved my painting quite significantly. This is the standard I want my army painted to.

With this scheme in my head and level of quality in my head, and the army constructed in my mind. I set out to painting. So far I have almost three squads completed, two command sections, 6 Heavy Weapon Teams, 3 Sentinels (salvaged the old one and bought two more, a Leman Russ, a chimera, the basilisk, an earth shaker platform, and lastly, the oddly placed Salamander scout vehicle.

Here is an example of a squad (Metla gun and shot-gun wielding Veterans)
Vet Squad

Currently on the painting block I have two more special weapon troopers.
Special Wep To-Do

And this behemoth (thank you forgeworld)
Macharius Vanquisher

Although my army is not built with a competitive list in mind, it is fun to play and looks really cool on the table (especially an urban table).

Later this week after my exams I will post some progress on the two troopers, some list ideas with the new codex in mind, and some more army shots.

Valhallan Casts: A success!

Well tonight I tried my hand at proper injection casting. For those of you wondering what the hell that is, it's simply just sucking resin up in a syringe and injecting it into a mold! Simple!

My first attempt seemed to go sour as the resin felt very rubbery after I took it out. I found out later that that was due to my impatience and the casts actually hardened so woot to that! The second attempt went better, with more parts being filled and my syringe not being totally crapped out afterward! Here are the results (pictures aren't wonderful, but you get the idea)

Note: The flash has been trimmed already, not that hard. Many of the parts, however, need to be fixed with greenstuff. When I say many, I mean primarily the feet and hands which aren't a problem at all. All-in-all, I'm very happy with the way things are going out and plan to do many more casts tomorrow while I'm working on my long over-due Necron Commission.

Anyway, pics:

Still in the mold:

Out of the mold:

I'll take pics of the greens sometime later this week if there is any interest in them!