Friday, March 20, 2009

Lepp's First Post

Today, I ordered some Ork goodies from FW for my Evil Sunz (expect to see more of them soon!). They asked me a question that reminded me of a long-standing problem I've had with Forge World, so I wrote them this letter:

Dear Forge World,

Let me start with some sycophantery (is that even a word? I don’t think so …). You guys kick ass. I have some of your smaller pieces – a Dreadnought plasma cannon, a Red Scorpions Veterans upgrade pack, and soon some nice Orky know-wots. They are gorgeous and really add to the character of an army, as well as being a tangible thing you can point to when saying your army is prettier than a friend’s.

Now that’s done with, here’s my problem: today, when I ordered the aforementioned Orky know-wots, you asked me an unfair question. To the best of my memory, here it is: “If you had just ONE wish, what miniature would you like to see us produce?” I understand you want to avoid wishlisting from people, some of whom will invariably include units that they’ve made up. But you made me choose: Salamanders or Iron Hands Venerable Dreadnoughts. HOW CAN YOU JUSTIFY FORCING ANYONE TO MAKE THAT KIND OF CHOICE? How do you choose between the dragons, scales, and flame imagery (not to mention the inevitable awesome looking helmet) of a Salamander and the blunt, high-tech, practical yet somehow artful look of an Iron Hand? You can see why I was pissed. Trying to list just ONE mini, I chose the Salamander, as I’ll be starting up a Salamander army sometime this year.

However, I came up with a list of demands: Venerable Dreadnoughts for every loyalist Legion. You’ve already got the Dark Angels and Ultramarines down, and as you’ll inevitably come out with Space Wolves and Blood Angels Dreadnoughts when their respective codices are released, that means just five to go. The Imperial Fists Dread would double as a Crimson Fist Dread, so that’s really two birds with one stone. Most importantly, you need to do Salamanders and Iron Hands Dreads. They would look SO awesome. I mean, you did two Dreadnoughts for the Death Guard (not that I’m complaining; they both look awesome, the Death Guard are my favorite Legion, and the more recent one is definitely more Death Guard and the older more generic Nurgle). You did a Chaplain Dreadnought. The loyalists really deserve some love – it’s been far too long, and it seems like everybody else has their own Dreadnoughts. How would you feel if you went to a party and everybody else had their own sweet-ass death machines piloted by a veteran of hundreds of years of constant warfare EXCEPT YOU? I think you see my point.



Ryan said...

Hehe, I know where you are coming from on this, last time I ordered my "one wish" was more power armor variant pieces.

Kevin said...

I really hope they do, each legion deserves it!
Very well written letter, Pat, funny yet to the point. Now let's just hope they listen! :p