Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ah, the call to battle...

Hey Everyone Dictator (Alex) here,

I finally finished off a squad of Guardsmen. Completely finished other than a spraying of Dull Coat, which I really cannot do in my dorms for fear of killing myself and others due to fumes.

Here they are!


Click the Image to make it larger. Also if you want a larger image, request it in the comments and I will edit this post.

Each one takes about an hour and a half to two hours with the flesh and clothing taking up a great portion of that time. That is about 15-17 hours of painting just for ten guys. For a bare minimum platoon that is 37.5-42.5 hours. That is almost two days of painting without sleep, or 2 days with almost five hours of sleep per day just for about 140 points in the new codex.

Then think about doing this for a 2,000 point army... AHHHHHH!!!!! WHERE DID MY LIFE GO?!


The Inner Geek said...

They look great! I would consider backing off the quality a bit for a 2000 point army. Those guys look absolute top quality, but an huge army doesn't have to all be to that level. If you do stick to that level, I'd be sure to take breaks once in a while. That's a lot of work!

jabberjabber said...

The miniatures look awesome! I especially like the blue on the uniforms - the folds of material in the legs have been expertly highlighted and shaded - great job.

Itkovian said...

I agree, the blue is the best bit on these guys, it's a gorgeous shade you've managed there.

Definitely either decrease the quality, or increase your painting speed is you want to get a game in with a painted army in the next two years or so... :D

The only niggle I have with them is that the grey looks like it sticks out too much, to me...

Kevin said...

As you know, I love your guys, keep up the work.

I disagree about lowering the standard, because once you have them done, you'll easily win any painting competition that gets included in tournaments! (and have everyone ahh-ing over your army :D)

Admiral Drax said...

Cracking job, mate - well done and thanks for sharing.

It's nice to know others take ages over their guardsmen, but I don't half wish I could get a finish like that!

Dictator said...

I could never lower my standard, I would feel bad any time I saw one of my guys knowing I could paint him better.

@Itkovian- I realize that the grey highlights are very extreme, and with my next Imperial Guard army (whatever that may be) any highlights will all be done realistically. I only did unrealistic highlighting of grey (on both the guns and armour)because it stands out really well on the table top.

In the end, while going for detail I also want an army that stands out on the table, and is not necessarily so realistic.

I promise though, my next army will be blended and highlighted realistically. Probably with awesome mud and battle damage everywhere.

King's Standard Bearer said...

Dictator, I have to say I really admire your skills. You've produced some great looking mini's here. Id say I honestly take about the same amount of time and wont stop on one untill I know its the best I can do at this stage. In every miniature I aim for Eavy Metal standard... just wishing I could achieve it. But great job, Ill follow from now!!
- Craig @

Anonymous said...

You're girlfriend must really love you to put up with you spending so much time with toys. I'd say shes a keeper.