Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1750pt Space Marine Tank Wall

Hey guys!
So I'm not all about modeling and painting (though it's my favorite part!). I've been toying with this idea for about a week now and tomorrow (Tuesday March 10th) is when my wargaming club meets and I wanted to give it a try. First the list, then the tactics. Let me know what you guys think (or if there are any noticeable flaws or whatnot! I'm not that great at army list creating to be honest).

Chaplain - 115pts
+ jump pack

x10 Tactical Squad - 180pts
+ Plasma Gun
+ Heavy Bolter

Rhino - 35pts

x10 Tactical Squad - 180pts
+ Plasma Gun
+ Heavy Bolter

Rhino - 35pts

x10 Tactical Squad - 205pts
+ Flamer
+ Las-Cannon
+ Power Fist

Rhino - 35pts

x5 Assault Terminators - 200pts
+ x5 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shields

Land Raider - 250pts

Iron Clad Dreadnought - 145pts
+ Heavy Flamer

Drop Pod - 55pts
+ Deathwind Missile Launcher

Fast Attack
x10 Assault Squad - 230pts
+ Power Fist
+ Storm Shield

Heavy Support
Whirlwind - 85pts

TOTAL = 1750 points


The basic idea is to rush the Rhinos forward the full 12" to create a "wall" for my marines. At this point I pop smokes (helps them last longer). Remember, the only way to destroy this wall is to roll a 6 on the penetration chart, so it should be there for awhile. My first two tactical squads will either sit back and hold a home objective OR be placed in heavy cover with clear firing lanes (for kill point missions). The third tactical squad will be split into combat squads. The Flamer-wielding marine will be attached with the Sarge and follow behind the Assault squad who are scouring out good targets (shooty units, most likely). The second part of the combat squad will be held back near the first two tacticals and help dent some armor. Mostly an annoyance here.

Ironclad, since it comes in first turn, either drops on an objective with any armor nearby (or tightly-packed units) or just by any armor (or, once again, tightly packed units). The later obviously in kill-team missions. The Ironclad will help divert fire (and if not, even better!) and the deathwind will deter many fragile units from getting too close to the objective. It's more a psychological tool than anything. Whirlwind sits back, blocked by most enemy LOS, and enjoys itself. The Assault Terminators will be riding in the Land Raider. The Lascannons will aid in destroying any tanks, if it doesn't, ah well. Another psychological tool here. The terminators will then engage EITHER good CC units (Howling Banshees, for example) or tanks (if there are a lot).

So that's basically it.

In summary: Wall of Rhinos, assault squad and combat squad of third tactical squad advances, whirlly hides, assault terminators pick off heavy targets, land raider annoys people along with the ironclad/drop pod.

Thoughts? Improvements? Mocking of my list?


jabberjabber said...

Hi Kevin, I think the list looks very strong! :) With 3 rhinos, a whirlwind, the land raider, drop pod and Iron Clad there's a whole load of models that can effectively block line of sights and challenge any army that hasn't invested in (e.g.) melta weaponry. The model count is healthy as well for objective contesting (etc.).

One suggestion is to consider taking some melta guns instead of plasma guns in the tac squads -- that'll make things easier if you come up against a similar list to your own.

Have you had a chance to play any games with it yet?

Kevin said...

I just played it against a very similar list and ended up taking your advice with the melta gun, though I replaced the flamer with it.

Anyways, it was a capture and control game, so two objectives. I was winning from turns 4-6 but, because of a mistake I made chasing after his two final troops choices with my assault squad rather than aiding my terminators by assaulting his. That would've helped maintatin my victorious standing indefinitely.

However, the game went to turn 7 so he was able to get his last three Space Marines in a Rhino and zoom over to his objective and got a Predator Destructor just in range of my objective which I held for all 6 turns.

When a game needs to end on turn 6 for me to win, it doesn't and when it needs to go to 7 for me to win, it doesn't. Argh.