Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ivan Karamazov: Valhallan Senior Officer

So I painted up my Senior Officer, Ivan Karamazov.
There is no painted metal on him whatsoever, it was my first attempt at a model with only NMM (there's not much, but still).



The Inner Geek said...

I like him! It all looks good, but I especially like the way the white is shaded. I've not end of trouble when it comes to painting white.

Dictator said...

I think the NMM looks best on the shin guards/boots. It looks really nice there, you caught the way the metal bends very well. Good job Kev.

KingofKanadia said...

Nice job with the NMM! I think you did an amazing job on the gold. As for the gun metal / grey metal, I would maybe give it a dark wash or something similar to give it a little darker shadow to make it have the same sort of contrast that the gold has. It is still real nice as it currently stands. Also, I hope you implement more of the Brothers K into your army and if you do I'm curious to see what character you make them.

Dictator said...

Perhaps Dimitri is up next. He could be the bombastic officer with a bottle of booze. And Alyosha could be a ministorum priest... :)

Kevin said...

Thanks guys!

I have a tech-priest lying around, I think I might make him Alyosha. I'm saving Dimitri for the penal legion so we have to wait until may or june :p