Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inspirational 40k

Hey guys, Kevin here.

The other day I was in a real "painting slump". I really wanted to get some guys painted, but I didn't have any motivation. Instead of putting down my brush and going to do something else, I decided to go through different 40k sites to see if I couldn't find any inspiration to really get my painting spirit back on track.

This got me thinking, why not share what is motivating me with the rest of the online community? Below are a few links to posts in threads/blogs, pictures I find on the internet etc. Anything that is currently motivating me in my painting.

Chicago '08 Golden Demon: 40k Vehicle
The weathering on the Rhino really got me thinking about different ways I can get the Rhino I'm currently painting look unique.

40k Rhino on CMON
I've been working on a lot of freehand stuff, and this tank really gave me ideas!

Gareth's Ork Tribe

Full Thread Here
Currently, I'm doing a lot of Ork work in preparation for Chicago Golden Demon '09 (if you're going to be there give us a shout!) Gareth's work is just fantastic and the little conversions he does really brings out the best of the models.

-Mort-'s Tank Weathering
Full Thread Here
As I said, I'm working on painting a Rhino with weathering, and this rust is just fantastic!

Spikyjames' Ultramarine Rhino

Full Thread Here
Everytime Spikyjames puts something up, I'm usually drooling over it. The subtlety of the weathering on the Rhino, and the colors themselves, really make them beautiful pieces on the table top.

Well, those are my top 5 inspirations for the week! If this is something you'd like see become a weekly installment, please comment! Also, if you guys have anything that's really inspiring you to paint/convert/whatever, just email it to us and we'll include it in (if this becomes a regular piece, that is).

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