Sunday, July 18, 2010

Real-life, you cruel mistress!

Heh, well, didn't see this one coming.

Alex and I have made a promise to update Terran Forge more. I was working on painting some stuff up plus I've got the Project Kill Team to focus on and when he returned from California he was going to do the same. Well, this past week (those of you who follow me on twitter may already know this) I have been in Charlotte, NC to help the System Engineers from Harris figure some stuff out and collect data (I am currently on co-op which makes me, basically, a paid intern). I worked some 63 hours this past week so to say I have had little time for my beloved hobby (even going online and looking at blogs) is a vast understatement. I'm not used to this kind of work schedule! Now, to make it worse (for the blog at least), I have to go to Broken Arrow, OK tomorrow at 5am and am there till Thursday. THEN I go BACK to Charlotte, NC for the week after to help get the southern part of this massive communications system for Duke Energy live. It will be hectic, rest assured! However, after that it will be pretty much smooth sailing. I'm in Lynchburg, VA for two more weeks before going home for a relaxing two or three weeks (can't remember the exact amount of time) and then head back to RIT for school. 40k time will be back in full swing (hopefully) by then!

BUT! I have some good news (I think). I am rejoining The Astro Mag, but instead of an editor or something like that I am working on promotion and popping in on the creative side of things (article ideas, etc). I can promise you a BIG, BIG, BIG issue for our next release. It's all still in the works, but I can guarantee you that every bit of your 40k side will be satisfied! GET EXCITED!


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The Inner Geek said...

Real life can be a real pain in the hobby. Good luck with all the work, and remember, it could be worse, you could be out of work!