Monday, December 13, 2010

Reaver Jetbikes

So I'm thinking of strategies for my current Dark Eldar list (I want to hone everything before committing on too many models.  Cash is tight!) and I realized that the Reavers aren't particularly great at assault and I was contemplating scratching them from my list until I realized one very important detail: Jetbikes have special rules.  They can move 6" in the assault phase and not assault!  I totally forgot!  I'm swamped with schoolwork at the moment, so a new updated list won't be created until probably Wednesday but if I take a few Reavers, pop a Blaster or Heat Lance on them and give them cluster caltrops I can Turbo Boost over an enemy unit (36" might I add) and end out of LoS of anything particularly dangerous and then pop out in the movement phase, shoot, pop back into hiding in the assault.  Rinse and repeat. I think it would create a nice distraction for my other units and still be able to wreak some havoc.  Knocking a few jetbikes out of my list also frees up room for Nightshields on my Raiders which makes killing them even more annoying.

I am so pumped for this army!


Quaade said...

You can't use the move like that when you turboboost as the boost itself prevents you from making any other voluentary actions that player turn.

Kevin said...

Sorry, should have been less vague! I meant the turn after turbo-boosting I'd do the jump out and shoot trick.