Thursday, December 23, 2010

Selling some Guard and Orks

Hey guys, decided to clear out some of my Guard I don't really use anymore and some Orks I found laying in my parents basement.  Figured I'd post them here and on some forums I frequent before heading to eBay.  If anyone is interested, just shoot me an email (click on the "Contact" tab up top).  If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them in the comments and I'll answer them ASAP!  I'm not really looking for a trade, but if you have some of the new Dark Eldar that are not painted and, preferably, not assembled, I'd certainly consider trading!

(Green is for sale, Orange is if "negotiations" are under way and Purple is sold)

5 Guardsmen on Sprue - link - $12 or BO

10 Vostroyan soldiers - link - $25 or BO (they are partially painted, but very easily stripped as they are just plastic. They also have some Resin bases I made awhile ago, they are NOT the black GW ones).

6 Valhallan soldiers - link - $25 or BO (these guys aren't sold anymore [as far as I can tell] and are just primed bar for one or two that have painted flesh. Again, metal so easily stripped.)

3 Mortar teams - link - $10 or BO (painted with really crappy bases, but they're easily cleaned off).

15 Guardsmen - link - $20 or BO (partially painted. Includes two guys from the command sprue here and here. Missing heads, shoulders were filed off as I originally planned on converting them to Valhallan warriors with greatcoats.)

Leman Russ Demolisher - link - $35 or BO (From old kit, Primed, Demolisher cannon itself is a bit warped but can be easily filed down. Missing top hatch).

Leman Russ - link - $35 or BO (From old kit, Primed. Cannon was built as a Nova cannon before the 5th edition codex was released (so it was based off of rumors)

31 Pig Iron Winter Sci Fi heads - link - $8 or BO (18 unpainted, the rest are partially painted but as they heads are metal, they're easily stripped. I only picture 25 heads, but I found six more in my bits box after taking pictures).

5 Ork Nob Bikers with Painboy - link - $45 or BO (Painted and converted to look like Nobz rather than normal warbikerz. Some are not fully painted and just partially. Paint is not very heavy at all so painting over would not be a problem).

Ork Warboss - link - $12 or BO (Painted and converted a bit)

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