Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dark Eldar Mandrake

Sorry for taking so long on painting this stuff.  A mix of being home for the holidays (and the required family events that ensue) and my odd urge to replay through Mass Effect 2 really created an unwelcome situation for my Mandrakes.  Alas, I finally got one done.  The Matte varnish I used had a bit of a gloss to it which is really amplified in the picture but isn't as bad in person.  Next time I'm going to snap pictures BEFORE the varnish though, just to give a better idea on what the guy actually looks like.  This guy was an experiment to see how I wanted to paint the squad and to make sure I get all the colors rights so he's not great, but I'm happy with how he turned out.  The rest of the squad *should* turn out better though.  We'll see!

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Lepp said...

Really, Kev? A Dark Eldar army? I would make complaints along the lines of "this is another project you aren't going to finish" but really my main complaint here is that they could look more like Reavers.