Saturday, June 6, 2009

Primaris Psyker WIP

Hey everyone,
Here is that update I promised.

This is a primaris Psyker that I will be using and messing with for a few games. I cannot stand proxying models so I really had to convert and paint one of these guys up. I am not sure what the model is that it is converted fromm, some old inquisition model for sure. If anyone can find a link to a pic of it, that would be great.

Basically, I added a beard, changed the hands, added a staff, GS'd the robes, filed off a big Inquisitional I and replaced it with a skull.


Once again, if anyone can find a pic of the original model or knows where it came from, I would be much obliged.

Also, anyone know how to paint black hair and make it look black? I am still having that dilemma...


Anonymous said...

The original model is a Witch Hunters Preacher with Laspistol.

Hephesto said...

Aye an old preacher, though he's looking much better like this. Superb conversion and paintjob Dictator!