Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Krieg Have Arrived!!

When i opened the mailbox this morning a smile shot across my face as I saw a package addressed to me sitting in there, begging to be opened. What could've have been? My new Death Korps of Krieg platoon command squad for my Valhallans thanks to the awesome contest held by The 25mm Warrior!! Here is a picture of this INCREDIBLY DETAILED addition to my army:


All I need to do to get them "Valhallan-ready" is cut the plasma gun off and replace it with a lasgun and then, obviously, give 'em nice winter bases. Sadly, however, these are not the next things I'll be painting. First up is my Cadian Command squad (which I am in the process of converting) because I want to get them done for the Bell of Lost Souls contest. Ideally, I will have all 500 points painited by then (Alex and I have a doubles tourney on the 27th), but I forgot I'm going to Chicago from the 19th to the 24th for a friend's wedding. But, the order stuff will be painted in is:
- Mortar Squad (over 50% done already. I've been dragging my feet :( )
- Company Command Squad (for BoLS)
- Platoon Command Squad (Yay for Kreig!)
- Sentinel with Multilaser (about 10% painted already)
- Leman Russ Battle Tank (still have to assemble it >_<)
- 20 Infantry (10 converted, 10 still on the sprue. Though, worst case, I just use my casts which I have 10 painted already)

So, as long as I'm not lazy, all of that should be done by June 27th. Wish me luck!

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King's Standard Bearer said...

why on earth would you need to cut off the plasma gun??? you'd have to be mad wouldnt you?!
Craig @ cadian8th