Saturday, June 13, 2009

Guardsman Marbo Conversion

Alex here.

Just the other day kev's GS skills gave me the confidence to make a conversion of Guardsman Marbo so I could try him out in a game or two. After some minor GS work, plastic and resin cutting, and elbow grease (oh, so much grease) I came up with this model.

Marbo Front

Marbo Side

Marbo Back

I think it is a pretty OK job for only my second time using green stuff. But I could always use improvement (much emphasis on always and improvement).

Obviously the model is missing a head so I thought I would ask the community of bloggers to help me in picking one out. Give suggestions (head from any sprue or model) and I will sort through them and make a poll shortly after. Thanks everyone!


Admiral Drax said...

Great work!

I'm afraid I've no suggestion for a head though.

Karitas said...

I've just done a whole bunch of head conversions on my IST's over on my blog, so i've a Few suggestions for you.

things I think might look good on this guy are -

1.) Any "rough" looking head such as the bald Empire flagellant or a scary chaos marauder horseman with a GS beret on.

2.) The IG tank commander head with the cap. remove the wider part of the cap leaving the hatband and replace the top part with GS to make a "forage cap"

3.) Any fo the long haired / bearded heads from the flagellant or empire militia sprues for the straggly look

I've done all three of those to my IST's so if you want to see what they might look like before you commit, feel free to poke around :)

harreh said...

That looks really good! Like karitas said, empire militia and flaggies are great sprues for variant guard heads. There is one on the militia frame that looks alot like a really grim catachan head or the catachan sentinel driver head might be good if you want him to look a bit angry.

Here's some links so you can see what i'm talking about: