Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost Done...

Hey Everyone,

Got further on my army most recently. I finished up seven troopers with just another two to go (All my sergeants sadly need to be remodeled with las pistol and CCW).

First seven large
They look odd in this pic, not sure why...must be the lighting?

I also plan on entering Bell of Lost Souls's command squad competition. I began work on them too.


Using some FW bits, some bits from kevin, and a hell of a lot of ammo packs I think I can make these guys look like pro soldiers. I want their bases to mirror my sentinels (with cool looking tiles). Hopefully, they look good when all is said and done: But sadly, I am all out of primer right now.

BTW, kev and I are starting a weekly friday posting that everyone should check out tomorrow.

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King's Standard Bearer said...

sounds good, dictator i always want to see more of your stuff, picasa squashes th epics down so we cant see close up detail as id like to!