Saturday, June 27, 2009

1000pt Doubles tourney results...

Today Alex and I had a doubles tournament at our local gaming shop Jester's Cap. We both played 500pts each of Guard armies (my Valhallans, his Cadian). Our lists were as follows (light blue is mine, light green is his):

Primaris Psyker - 70

Company Command Squad - 65
+ Vox-caster, 2x Grenade Launcher

Guardsman Marbo - 65

Veteran Squad - 100
+ 3x Melta Gun

Chimera - 55

Platoon Command Squad - 30
Squad A - 60
+ Grenade Launcher, Mortar

Squad B - 60
+ Grenade Launcher, Mortar

Squad C - 60
+ Grenade Launcher, Mortar

Platoon Command Squad - 60
+ Vox-caster, Melta Gun, Power Fist

Squad A - 110
+ Vox-caster, Melta Gun, Commissar w/Plasma Pistol

Squad B - 55
+ Melta Gun

Mortar Squad - 60

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Battle Tank - 150

Our first game we played against Chaos and Orks. We made a few mistakes:
1) We forgot to assault with Alex's PCS and move Marbo which screwed both of them over
2) We targeted a Mega Nob squad instead of a lone boy (we played Victory Points) which would've given us a lot more points.

We only scored about half of the available points that round. Blah.

Second game we played our friends Kishvier and Brother Chaplain Raimo from the Astronomican and Warseer forums. They had a Chaos army and Imperial Guard army respectively. We made a HUGE mistake in combining our squads (Alex had 30 men, I had 20) because we thought we were playing Kill Points for some reason. Because of that a Demon Prince wiped out Alex's 30 man squad (but then got obliterated by Vets and a Primaris Psyker) and a four man Khorne Beserker squad wiped out my infantry. The commissar was amazing though because of stubborn and his leadership of 9. SO, SO, SO, SO useful!! Marbo single-handedly destroyed their CCS which was totally badass too. My mortars just shined this game because they never missed a shot until the end. Absolutely epic. The only thing they had left was the four beserkers (they wouldn't die!) so we won that with almost all the avaliable points for that round.

Our third game was great, we nearly tabled the enemy with minimal loses. We played against Chaos and Eldar and destroyed their Demon Prince with massed Las fire (First Rank, Second Rank for the win!) and a few meltas. The only thing we lost was my PCS and the Leman Russ at the VERY end of the game. The only thing they had left was a Chaos Marine squad and a Rhino on the opposite corner of the board. We, again, won almost all of the avaliable points.

Despite our success in the second two games, we only placed fourth. We missed third by about 20 points (if we killed the ONE ork boy in the first game we would've gotten it) and missed second by about 50 (again, that one ork boy would've made it close). Overall, though, I'm incredibly pleased at how our list functioned. It definitely worked together and not like two seperate lists which was great. However, our stupid mistakes in the first game cost us a chance at some great prizes (though, to be fair, that team won first! In fact, the last team we played won second so I feel pretty good!)

That is all for now. Alex and I should have some updates for you this week and if not, I lied to you! Hope you all are enjoying your summer so far (or winter for you in the Southern Hemisphere!).

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