Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jarran Kell WIP

Hey Everyone, Alex here.

Today I am showing you my Work in Progress Jarran Kell for the special character painting competition hosted by our friend at Pit of the Oni.

I am not gonna lie, this model has taken a while to get to the stage it is at right now. All I really have to do though is finish the flag, complete the powerfist, then paint the base. No biggie, right?

Front WIP

Sword WIP

Back WIP

Expect an update of the finished model by later today or Monday at some point.



oni said...

WOW! He is looking really really good. Good luck in the competition. :)

Kevin said...

Single model Golden Demon entry. Do it. This flesh and that sword made me soil myself. Twice.

Paul Wu said...

Excellent NMM technique on the sword! And the highlighting on the tunic is nicely done too. Good luck!

King's Standard Bearer said...

Alex you know I love your painting style, this model is top knotch. I loved painting him myself, you've done a great job on the NMM, so much so that might have to re-do mine!