Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday FAQ #5

Normally we'd have an odd rules query here but instead, since 'Ard Boyz is tomorrow for us in America, we decided to list a few rules (with page numbers) on questions that may arise during the tournament, including the Guard Codex which many people may still be unfamiliar with heading into the tournament.

Rule Book

- Morale checks are taken at the end of EACH phase (page 44 under "Taking Morale Checks", point A)

- If a falling back unit comes in CONTACT with a table edge, the entire unit is removed from the game (page 45, last paragraph under "Fall Back!")

- Both Barrage and Ordnance Barrage weapons may choose to fire either directly or indirectly. Why would you want to fire indirectly if a unit is in LoS? To deny cover saves or to cause a pinning check of course! (Page 58, second paragraph under "Ordnance Barrage weapons"). If within line of sight and firing "Barrage" one can still deduct the Ballistic skill of the firer from the scatter roll (ninja edit by Dictator).

- If vehicles are in squadrons, "Immobilised" results count as "Wrecked" and "Stunned" results count as "Shaken" (Page 64, second paragraph under "Damage Results Against Squadrons")

- If a unit is in contact with an enemy's vehicle at the start of the enemy's Assault phase, said unit may perform their attacks as normal (page 63 under "Successive turns")

- If a unit performs a Death or Glory attack and fails, the model that performed the attack is removed (regardless of wounds or saves) and no morale checks need to be taken (Page 69, third paragraph under "Death or Glory!")

- The "Stealth" special rule does not confer a bonus cover save in the open since the rule states it only improves your cover saves by +1. Since you don't typically have a cover save in the open, it cannot be improved by +1 (Page 76 under "Stealth")

Codex: Imperial Guard

Orders (Page 29):
- Must be issued at the start of the shooting phase (third paragraph).
- Must be issued Company Command first, Platoon Command second (third paragraph).

- The orders "First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire!", "Fire on My Target!" and "Bring it Down!" cause the ordered squad to follow the order IMMEDIATELY after passing (Page 30 and 36 under the respective headings).

- Infantry Squads have the option of joining together using the "Combined Squads" special rule found on page 37.

- If a Leman Russ wishes to move at cruising speed, it must roll an additional D6 for movement as per the "Lumbering Behemoth" rules on page 48.

Any rules questions you guys have (in the rulebook or the various codices)? Send 'em in! If we don't post it on an FAQ, we'll still answer it so there's nothing to lose! Just send your queries to us at Have a great weekend guys and good luck to those participating in the 'Ard Boyz tournament!


Dictator said...

Don't forget that those barrage weapons can still deduct their BS from the scatter even if they are firing barrage! (as long as there is Line of sight of course!)



Sean said...

It's not impossible that I am wrong on this, but a unit that is Gone to Ground in the open and that has the Stealth special rule would still benefit from a 5+ Cover Save, correct? GtG does, after all, grant you a save if you don't already get one.

Dictator said...

Yeah, that's right. Going to ground does grant a cover save and thus if you have the stealth special rule you'd have a 5+. Just normally being in the open doesn't grant you one however.

william said...

Yeah, but you can't get a +6 cover save for just having stealth. You need something to give you a cover save to improve.

Dictator said...

Of course