Friday, July 17, 2009

Terrain Fest pt. Zwei

Hey Everyone, Alex here

Kev and I have been working on a lot of terrain lately so that we can have nice looking games (no coke bottles, books, or pieces of paper anymore). So today I finished up another terrain piece for the table. Here it is!

Ruined Church or something...

terrain 1

terrain 2

Hopefully kev and I will be making more terrain soon when we get together. But sadly, Gold Demon entries take priority!


Mitch said...

Thats a good idea on how to use those 2 corner pieces. I have 2 of them myself!!


73rd said...

Great looking piece of scenery, is that from the Pegasus collection? I bought 4 boxes recently and modelled them in to a few ruined buildings. Really nice work mate!