Sunday, April 12, 2009

Space Wolves Rumor

From The Chosen Realms forums:

Rumours - Having talked to one of the guys at the LGS, (GW Pompey) there are stories (with him having recently been talking to Phil Kelly, and several of the Dev Team, he didn’t explain why) of the Fenrisian Wolves becoming an option for Space Wolf Armies (I’d assume either a Fast Attack Choice, or a non-FOC selection similar to CSM daemons), with Mediocre stats, but Furious Charge, or similar.

Wishful Thinking - Pretty popular rumour as well (no source as yet, but ask any Space Wolf player from before the Eye of Terror Campaign), is that the Wulfen are going to be allowed to be taken as a Unique choice, similar to the Legion of the Damned.

Special Characters include Logan Grimnar (stats brought into line with Chapter Master, Orbital Bombardment), Bjorn the Fellhanded, Ragnar Blackmane, and the old Wolf Priest I can’t remember the name of. Wolf Lords take the role of Captains, no more Battle Leaders. Frost Blades become Relic Blades. True Grit is removed, but Grey Hunters gain 2 Attacks, Points Cost increase (might get Heavy Weapons). Wolf Guards can be taken as either Terminator Squads, or Veterans.

Blood Claws (Power Armoured SM Scouts, BP/CCW, Power Weapon/Fist upgrades as before) can be taken as either Troops, or if taken as Fast Attack, must take Bikes, or Jump Packs.

Iron Priests become elites, can take Servitor Retinues.

Leman Russ Annhilators [sic. Exterminators] removed. Crusaders and Redeemers added. Distrust of new technology suggests that the Thunderfire is not added. Scouts (no longer 0-1) stay as elite, but can take Bikes. Gain Cluster Mines, Sniper Rifles, WS/BS4, Meltabombs, Power Weapons, Locator Beacons.

Not sure over Drop Podding, or Teleporting. They make use of them, but not too keen on it. I’d imagine that they gain Preferred Enemy vs. Thousand Sons/Troops with MoT, or lose it entirely. Maybe the same for Dark Angels.

I’d also think that the Rune Priests get access to Storm Caller, and all of the new Psychic Powers. Wulfen Rune Priests may be limited to “The Gate”.

Very interesting stuff, I'm happy to see the Sons of Russ finally get some rumor attention!


Peter said...

I'd love to make a space wolves army, I just love all the fluff about them but I'm not a great fan of the colour scheme, do they have any other chapters that follow their 'tactics' or will I have to invent my own?

sovietspace said...

Cheers for the rumours mate.

Just noticed you said your local GW was Pompey - I'm assuming you mean Portsmouth UK (not some US town I know nothing about)?

I ask because I've just signed up to do the Pompey Pillage event in June '09. I wondered if, as locals, you were going? says theres a Pompey in New York State, so I might be wrong :P

Dictator said...

These rumors don't seem right for some reason. They don't fit in with space wolves fluff that well. But thanks for the hinting.

Kevin said...

@sovietspace - No, i just copy and pasted from that forum. I put a link to the post, but you need to be a member to access the forums for some odd reason...

King's Standard Bearer said...

I was at Warhammer World on saturday and the Space Wolves are missing from the display cabinets, so they're working on them at the moment is my gues, getting photo's etc done for a re-release. see my blog this week sometime for the photos

Anonymous said...

according to we gonig to find out in october