Saturday, April 18, 2009

5th edition IG codex army list

Well Alex and I got our grubby little hands on the new 'dex and I just created a simple list with what I currently own (or plan to buy: the Cadian Battleforce). Now this isn't a list I would use, but really gives me an idea of exactly what I need to buy to build my ideal fluffy Valhallan list.

Here it goes:

Company Command Squad - 172pts
- Company Commander
+ Bolt Pistol
+ Power Fist

- 4 Veterans
+ 3 Las Pistols/Close Combat weapons
+ Vox Caster
+ Heavy Flamer
+ Medi-pack
+ Carapace Armor

- Officer of the Fleet

Storm Troopers x8 - 153pts
+ Grenade Launcher
+ Plasma Gun

Platoon A = 370pts
Command - 100pts
- Commander Chenkov

- 4 Veterans
+ 4 Las Pistols/Close Combat Weapons
+ Platoon Standard
+ Vox Caster

Squad 1 - 60pts
+ Vox
+ Grenade Launcher

Squad 2 - 55pts
+ Flamer

Conscripts x20 - 155pts
+ "Send in the Next Wave"

Platoon B = 340pts
Command - 35pts
+ Vox Caster

Squad 1 - 100pts
+ Commissar
+ Vox
+ Flamer

Squad 2 - 55pts
+ Grenade Launcher

Heavy Weapon Squad 1 - 60
+ 3 Mortars

Heavy Weapon Squad 2 - 60
+ 3 Mortars

Fast Attack
Armored Sentinel - 85pts
+ Plasma Cannon

Heavy Support
Vanquisher - 205pts
+ Commander Pask

Leman Russ Squadron - 580pts
- Executioner

- Eradicator
+ Las Cannon
+ Heavy Bolter Sponsons

+ Las Cannon
+ Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Total = 2005pts

95 infantry, 5 tanks


Ok, basic logic behind choices....
My Company Command squad will be a close combat unit. The med-pack gives them Feel No Pain, making them much more resilient and you can never go wrong with Heavy Flamers! Plus, having them deeply entrenched with the enemy will help the Company Commander to dish our orders to the guardsmen who are also deeply entrenched. Officer of the Fleet, with his -1 to enemy reserve rolls, will be incredibly useful I think.

Platoon A is my human wave, basically. I will use Chenkov's command squad to aid the Conscripts who will be rushing forward and just having a grand ol' time. When the conscript squad is low on men, I'll use the "Send in the Next Wave" rule I bought for them and have a full 20-man squad of conscripts back on my table edge to take nearby objectives. Squads 1 and 2 will be made into one squad using the "Combined Squads" special rule (yeah, totally aweosme I know!) to make them a large clean-up force on the front lines.

Platoon B will be the fire support squads. 6 mortars in the back wreaking havoc with Squads 1 and 2, again, combined, to dish out some nice damage. The commissar is there to make sure they don't retreat.

Storm Troopers. They're expensive: same cost as a marine. I will be giving them a test run or two in games to see what I think of them, but I highly doubt they'll be a mainstay in this army. I just have some Vostroyans which look like cool Valhallan Storm Troopers IMO. They might end up being Vets or something, but I only have 6 or 8 of them (can't remember) so I'd need to buy a few more.

Armored Sentinel, tad on the expensive side with that Plasma Cannon, but I figured I'd give it a go. I'm going to magnetize the weapons so I can try out different things in different games, but I think they will be best in squadrons.

Now the bulk of my points cost: tanks. I put Commander Pask in the Vanquisher because he increases the tank's BS to 4 and adds +1 to Armor Pen which makes an alreayd potent tank hunter even morso. The squadron of Executioner and Eradicators are there mainly because I like the tanks. Exectuioner vaporises MEQs while the Eradicators kill everything else (and ignores cover which is always great!) Though at nearly 600 points for the squadron, I think it may be an Apocalypse thing only for me.

I REALLY like infantry in this new codex. I'm totally stocking up. I want at least 30 more men in this list. I also want to get at least one Hellhound and WILL get some Griffons in this army. Re-rolling the scatter die is too good to not take! Of course, I'll wait until the plastic version that is rumored comes out.

Anyways, hopefully may ramblings will give you some ideas. Any one else get a chance to see the new codex? What do you think of it and what do you like/dislike about it? If you haven't seen it and have any questions feel free to ask!


Admiral Drax said...

I think I will officially be the last person on Earth to see this blasted codex; though mine's on order at least.

I like what you have here, though I'm still trying to work out a means of creating an effective infantry-only force (like the core of my current army) - please see my latest post: I'd love to have your [post-codex] thoughts.

Three questions:
1) Why is your comapny command squad so expensive?
2) How expensive are med-packs now?
3) I love my griffons: what was that bit about re-rolling the scatter dice?

Great to read your ideas - thanks!

- Drax.

Kevin said...

Hey Drax, med-packs are now 30pts. That, along with the 20pt Heavy Flamer and Officer of the Fleet cause my squad to be so expensive. Those three upgrades (well the Officer of the Fleet isn't an upgrade, but a separate model in the command squad itself) come out to 80pts. The base cost of the Command Squad is 50. Now, it is expensive, I know, but I *think* (I have to try it out first!) that having a 4+ invulnerable and FNP will not only help the squad be more survivable, but be really annoying to the enemy. The Heavy Flamer is there because I like them. They are really expensive, but it's just so damned cool :p

Griffons are allowed to re-roll the dice to scatter due to their Special Rule called "Accurate Bombardment". I'm not sure about rules for Griffons now, but they cannot fire directly at all which seems to be the trade-off here.

Also, I'll be commenting on your post shortly!

Admiral Drax said...

Thanks mate, on all counts.



Strewth! I thought 11pts in the current codex was pricey, but...crumbs. I love my medic models, too. Still, I suppose it might be a worthwhile investment. A shame to make Pl HQs so damned expensive though...

What did you mean by "having a 4+ invulnerable AND [Feel No Pain]"? Where does the 4+ inv come from?

Oh, and the thing with the griffons, I'd guess, is that under 5th Ed rules, ANY vehicle-mounted indirect fire ord weapon may fire in the direct role even if the vehicle moves. It's a useful way of getting artillery into position, but I always figured it was rather a lot to ask from griffons!

Cheers again for your help and comments.

Dictator said...

The command squad does not have an invulnerable save. The commander has a refactor field which gives him a 5+ invul.

Kevin, I came up with something really funny/cheesy you can do with an IG list.l You will have to hear my idea for it, I wanna try it out and Pat when he comes back. He will blow his mind how funny it is.

Kevin said...

yeah, sorry Drax, I meant armor save (ala Carapace Armor).

I'll have to talk to you about it Alex, I'd probably use it :p