Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Road to Games Day Chicago

Well I have finally begun thinking about Games Day Chicago and the costs involved in going there. So far it will be Alex, Pat and I and then our friend Mike who doesn't even like Warhammer but wants to go for the hell of it (now is the time to pounce! :p) Well everyone here at the Terran Forge is jobless (stupid economy/hard to hold a job in Buffalo AND at school) BUT I figure I might as well set a budget to help both Alex and I save up for the trip. Hopefully we'll get summer jobs, but as it is now it looks doubtful (I've applied for about a dozen already with no response- WNY is a terrible place for college kids to find jobs :/)

Anyways, I just did some research looking for a hotel close to the convention center and my AAA membership gets me a single room with 2 queen beds at the Hilton Garden Inn (which is pretty much right down the street from the Stephens Convention Center) for $101/night which is about $57 per person for both nights (arriving friday leaving sunday) which does not seem that bad at all (at least to me: one who has never booked a hotel room ever).

So, if we go with this hotel (and if anyone has alternative and, more importantly, cheaper suggestions PLEASE comment!) then we are looking at about a total cost, per person, for the trip of:
$57 - hotel for 2 nights
$30 - food for roughly 2 days (pretty much just saturday since we'll probably just get cheap fast food crap)
$15 - gas. Figure about $60 to fill up for both ways and then split between four people.
$15 - Ticket for Games Day :p

TOTAL- $117

Not bad, not bad at all. I should probably factor in some "safety cash" so let's just say it will cost $150/person for the trip.

Right now I am strapped on cash (but will still find a way to buy the Cadian Battleforce and new Guard codex. Shame on me.) But right now my "Chicago Fund" I'll put at $30. Only $120 for me to go!

I'll add a side bar-thingy that will be updated with our individual Chicago funds and, please, if you know of any way to help us save money we will be spending let us know! And if you're going to Chicago let us know too, we'd love to meet up with some fellow FtW bloggers!


eriochrome said...

Good luck. Cost to go to a game day seems like a good down payment on a new army.

Barjack said...

Just for kicks I found out for me to go to the GD chicago. If I was to go, My gas alone would cost more then your whole budget. Thats sad I think I won't Be going this year. I WANNA GO so bad, But good luck.