Tuesday, November 3, 2009

He's Coming for You....

Before I paint up the treaded-dread (with the dreaded treads...) I decided I'd paint up my Assault Termy squad. Normally I paint in bulk, but that keeps wearing me out so I decided to just paint one guy at a time. Far less efficient, but I'm having more fun doing it so I'll stick with it for now. Here is guy number one of five named "Gaelen". Kudos to the first who gets the reference (and yes, I purposefully misspelled his name.. I'll do that for all five just because I want to make it at least look like they're from the far-future)

Now onto the pictures:

Also, as a note, I'm planning on redoing the bases, but I haven't come up with any good ideas so they're staying as is for now.


Anonymous said...

Really love the effect you've got on the Thunder Hammer.

oni said...

Great job on the thunder hammer. The purple is shaded very nicely as well.

Alvin said...

Very nice, though the mould lines on the cables kinda turned me off. Nevertheless, still a great painting not to be ignored.

slipwing said...

Very nice job. Love the detail on the hammer.