Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Macharius Vanquisher - Part Two

Hey everyone, today I finished the bluish grey of the hull of the vanquisher and began the first layer of highlighting. Highlighting only the drivers cabin took about an hour and a half: Pretty rough actually, I have to keep my hand very straight and pay attention to all the details. Intense.

first highlights


Expect more updates tomorrow at some point if possible.


oni said...

That's lookin' SWEET!

Kevin said...

Lookin' sexy! Can't wait to see it finished Alex

Hephesto said...

Looks like a very intense job indeed, the result so far is great though. Keep up the great work mate!

King's Standard Bearer said...

looks awesome alex keep it up. I also like the red cabling, it ties in nicely with some of your models

the other Kevin said...

Beautiful work!

william said...

Immense man, when ya finish that we can play an Apoc. game finally.