Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Executioner/Punisher/Demolisher WIP

Hey everyone, today I present you my WIP of the new demolisher kit. All I have left to do is GS some gaps (all mould lines and flash is gone). Then I just have to prime the damned thing and paint.

By the way, this kit is a lot of fun to assemble (excluding drilling holes in all the weapon options), the tracks fit perfectly and the hull is sexy.





More pics of painting progress tomorrow


Anonymous said...

It is a nice looking kit.

Have you magnetised the weapon options for easy swap out or did you oick up multiple kits?

Looking forward to your progress shots.

King's Standard Bearer said...

magnetised right? I like it more the more I see it. the options for the sponsons all look great

oni said...

Are the weapons modular, magnetized, or just hanging there for pictures?

Kevin said...

According to Alex the weapons are built to be swapped out (as in the turret weapons snap in and out of the actual turret. Same goes for the sponsons). I knew from talking to Tom Walton that the Hellhound was going to be like this, but had no clue about the Demolisher kit as well. Very cool! Alex has convinced me to purchase my 6th Leman Russ :p

Dictator said...

The kit works by being modular, the pieces fit together loosely when un-primed and then very tight and satisfying after priming/painting. They were designed for that purpose, no magnets needed.

It is so awesome not needing magnets

Hephesto said...

That's great to know, not that I have a problem with magnetizing of course ;-)