Monday, August 3, 2009

Finished Chimera

Hey everyone,
I am posting some grainy chalky pictures of my freshly painted chimera. Perhaps I will take better pictures tomorrow when I am less lazy and not so busy assembling the demolisher/punisher/executioner. Either way, here it is!


Eros side


Brother Chimera (old style)

Tomorrow will be some pictures of the demolisher/executioner/punisher!


Anonymous said...

Very nice - I particularly like that battle scar on the front plate of the brother tank.

Both look great - the coherency of the paint job is excellent.

I can't wait to see a group shot of all your mechanised detachments together.

King's Standard Bearer said...

the grey highlights look great but the best thing is the weathering, its like its water marked! how did you do it?

oni said...

I like them, the colour scheme is excellent. I need to get my behind moving to finish up my IG army.

Admiral Drax said...

What's not to like, eh?