Sunday, August 16, 2009

Games Day Germany: The Report

From Warseer, Siam-Tiger confirms Space Hulk is the Mystery Box:
The big mystery box is going to be space hulk, they will show a trailer at 16.00 / 4 pm, but nothing else there. The real presentation will be via gw newsletter.
He goes on:

The real "announcement" of the space hulk game will be via newsletter, that should be available this night, complete with informations etc.

It is not limited, it has about 5.000 copies and will be avaible in german.

German GD T-Shirt had a tyranid skull as a motiv, the gw workers shirt had the terminator helmet at the front.

Now some pics of the Forge World ChaosReaver Titan thanks to philbrad2 and bmf from warseer:



Orky stuff thanks to philbrad2 from warseer:



And Space Wolves thanks to Siam-Tiger on Warseer (they look like the original sculpts for the painted ones we all have already seen):


E said...

I haven't seen those painted Kev. They pretty good, will be worth getting for some bits atleast.


Captain Neven said...

I've been at the games day (GD) and it sucked so much! As you posted, the secret - which is going to be space hulk - was not lifted. This is was such a waste of time and money. You can't tell everyone that there is going to be a thing which will be only shown at the german GD and then just don't show it! Even though I had not planned to buy it I was very very pissed! But the rest of the GD sucked so much as well. No (!) big diorama, like in the last years and this - as a GW guy told us- because the GW leading decided that it was to expensive.Hm, strange the last years dioramas have all been from France and anywhere else... All the gaming tables from GW sucked, I do not like Lord of the Rings but they had the nicest boards, the rest really sucked ass -all stereotype. The pictures you showed where 'nice' but nothing (!) new! There was a Mail Order Area but they only offered the normal stuff. Golden Demon as usual, guests were ok.. Dave Thomas was the only thing that was really good. Even though he did not sculpt anything live, I talked a lot to him and he was very nice and gave me some nice tips.


Kevin said...

That sucks :(
I was hoping the under-par Games Days in the US were just because of the new North American restructuring. The real test wil be with GDUK though, I think. If that is downscaled like the rest are, GW is going down a very wrong path.

Luckily the Golden Demons aren't crap, so I'll still go for those!

Dictator said...

@ Captain Neven - I am confused at to what was so bad a GD germany. I was under the impression that GD's were not about rumors and news but rather gaming and getting together with hundreds if not thousands of people who have the same vehement passion about the hobby as you do.

Although the GD chicago I went to had few rumor/news materials, it was great to talk to the game designers, play in mega battles, and paint in silly little competitions. I think that is what it is about.