Saturday, May 2, 2009

Belial Part I

I recently received a commission to convert Lysander into a Belial model and magnetize the arms so my client can choose between a Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield, Twin Lightning Claws, or Storm Bolter and Power Sword. I received the bits in the mail today (still waiting on Lysander) and decided to do some mild work. Since 40k-stuff will be showing up slowly this month on Terran Forge (Alex and I are both coming upon our respective exam weeks and Pat is lost in Arizona until June) I decided to post this. Not much, but I'm still proud of the greenstuff work! Since the other weapons already ahve Dark Angels iconography, I just needed to give the Lightning Claws a little extra pizzaz (and magnetize the arms as well).

Here's what I've got (the other claw is drying and I knew if I picked it up I would mess it up somehow :p):


Expect another few commission-updates soon including some female heads (when that one is done I'll have casted 120 resin female heads!). If you're interested in commissions, check out my site at


joker1972 said...

Have to kept a idea on this project as I am thinking of doing the something

jabberjabber said...

Awesome greenstuff work! The level of detail on the broken sword is impressive.

william said...

Hey, how do you cut the holes for the magnets?

Kevin said...

If I had a hobby drill it would be easier, but I forgot to bring one back with me to RIT so what I do is I just carve a the outline of a circle the diameter i want and then take a pointy-sculpty tool (no clue what it's called, but it's tapered and really pointy!) and just start scraping until it's deep enough. A crude method, but it works!

william said...

Fair enough, thanks.