Sunday, May 17, 2009

Twitter updates

Yes... I gave in to the new hot trend and got a Twitter account. I feel so....conformist.
Anyways, this actually has everything to do with 40k as I will be using it throughout the summer as a way to do small updates on 40k stuff (and probably promote The Astro Mag a bit more :D) but the real reason is for Games Day Chicago. Now instead of you guys having to wait until GD is over and Alex, Pat and I get back to the hotel to post a real update (which we will anyways becasue there will be better pics and HOPEFULLY some ninja shots of us subtly getting our girlfriends into 40k even more. Yep. They're going too- and because they wanted to. Huzzah!). So the updates are to the right of the page (called "Terran Twitter")

What a good way to use new technology- get you news from "the front" even faster!



The Inner Geek said...

The twitter thing is exciting and all, but what I really want is a how-to on getting girlfriends/wives into 40k.

Kevin said...

HAHAH! I got my girlfriend into it by playing off her love for art. She painted her own ork and then i convinced her to play a game (took three months for that) and now she wants to go to gamesday. It's a slow, but rewarding process :p

Peter said...

Just started following you on twitter, although I'd appreciate If you didn't follow me as I use it for family stuff (mainly to keep in touch with my cousins in S Africa)