Saturday, May 9, 2009

Valhallan casts: first squad painted!

Well I finished painting my first Valhallan squad. Meh. I'm so used to painting high quality Games Workshop models that going to casts I made is, well, different. The coats aren't very detailed which was very confusing for me to paint. Also, since the casts had imperfections, they really messed up the way I paint because the final product looks very sub-par. I'm, suffice to say, disappointed at the quality of the models (but hey, it was my first attempt at casting!) but I'm happy with the scheme so far. Not with the quality of the squad because, as I said, it's very sub-par IMO. At the same time, at least I got them done. Only 30 more of these to get done :/

Luckily I already pre-ordered the Cadian battleforce so those conversions will, I promise, look LOADS better painted. I think I'm going to use my casts as Conscripts where I can. For now they are my troops though!

Anyways, onto the pics!

10 points for me :D


Col. Corbane said...

I like them alot. I can just imagine them fighting in a post nuclear wasteland.

Keep em coming mate.

Dictator said...

Yeah, kev they look great. The one ducking down looks especially brutal. Keep it up. And 10 points for you, you bastard