Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well here is my (hopefully) finished Belial. Depends on if my client wants more done, or something changed or whatever. I love this conversion, personally. So simple, but when it's painted it will look so cool (i think)



sovietspace said...

Unfortunatly the flash has washed out a lot of the detail, but it seems like you've done a good job. Well done mate!

King's Standard Bearer said...

great job. if you get a chance to take a day light shot it'd show off your work better
craig @ cadian8th

AoM said...

are the magnets in the shoulders not flush with the body? those arms look like they are sticking out awfully far. The model looks really cool, but that little bit of extra attention to detail would push it over the top.

Kevin said...

Well the flash is flushing out the metal detail which I did nothing to (anything i filed off was replaced with GS or DA iconography). I'll add some more pics anyways, though.

@AoM- yeah, I fixed that after taking the picture. I just had to reposition the ones in the arms a bit.

Admiral Drax said...

Great work, mate!