Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Space Marines, Jacked

Interesting title, eh? Well i think so... Anyways, I've been wanting to do something entirely different (tactically) with my Space Marines. I attempted an outflanking list ala Kor'Sarro Khan but it is neither something I enjoyed playing or was able to play effectively. So I started reading different ideas across the web when I stumbled upon a blog that I know not many people like because it screams "power gamer!" but the idea is incredibly fun and cool (in my personal opinion of course). The blog is Yes the Truth Hurts and the idea is what they call a "Best of" army. I call it a "jack" army since each unit is, effectively, a jack-of-all-trades. However, the important part is that instead of being a "Master-of-None" the weapon selection on a unit-based level involves picking weapons that are exceptional for their role. On top of that, each infantry unit can perform a variety of roles (namely anti-tank and anti-infantry). Normally I despise this sort of thing as, depending on what you shoot at, at least one weapon will be totally useless (or not utilized properly) in that phase. However, if you lose Squad 'A' any other squad can step in to take up the role. You don't have to worry about your two anti-tank squads dying because you only have two anti-infantry squads left because each squad has anti-tank and each squad has anti-infantry. This not only allows tactical flexibility at a unit-level, but also makes your opponent's life harder because every squad is a threat to every unit.

Now before i ramble too much, here is the first incarnation of the list at 1850pts:
Chaplain - 120
+ Jump Pack, Melta Bombs

Terminator Assault Squad - 440
+ x2 TH/SS, x3 LC
+ Land Raider Redeemer

Tactical Squad x10 - 235
+ Melta Gun, Heavy Bolter, Power Fist
+ Rhino

Tactical Squad x10 - 235
+ Melta-Gun, Heavy Bolter, Power Fist
+ Rhino

Tactical Squad x10 - 230
+ Flamer, Multi-Melta, Power Fist
+ Rhino

Fast Attack
Assault Squad x10 - 215
+ Power Fist

Heavy Support
Land Raider - 250

Vindicator - 125
+Siege Shield
Total Points: 1850
Models in Army: 52

First off I think i should mention that I easily beat an Eldar player at my gaming club who, until now, was undefeated. It was a pretty spectacular win too with my Redeemer, Vindie, Tac Squad 1 and Rhino, Second Tac squad sarge and Termie Sarge all still alive at the end of 7 turns. He had his avatar (locked in combat with my Termie), Farseer, 5 dark reapers and 6 dire avengers left.

Now the first big thing everyone mentions is "Heavy Support Land Raider is a points sink" and I agree... to an extent. It allows me to have a "safety valve" transport option on top of some decent anti-tank fire. At the same time, it is 250 points and, in the end, not worth it in an 1850pt list. My next incarnation (which won't happen until I get the models necessary for the change) will ditch this and the Vindie.

The Land Raider and Vindicator, as I just mentioned, will be replaced by four models: Two Predators with Autocannon turrets and Las-Cannon sponsons and two Land Speeders with Multi-Meltas and Heavy Flamers. This choices allow me tactically flexibility, as is the point of this "Jack" list, and some heavy hitting weapons too. The choice for the Predator stems from the fact that autocannons can pop light tanks and are good against infantry and LasCannons will provide the anti-tank I need on a ranged scale. The Multi Melta and Heavy Flamer on the Land Speeders allow me to choose to target tanks or infantry, both weapons being some of the best choices for their roles. Add in the ridiculous speed of the Land Speeder and you have a formidable little mobile weapons platform. Plus, with three Rhinos, a Redeemer and two predators on the field, not much attention will be paid, generally, to the Speeders until it starts doing damage.

So there are my thoughts on a "Jack" list which, at first, went against everything I believed in when playing a game (I was a big proponent of the "like-with-like" strategy until now). The way to play a "Jack" list effectively is, like all lists, ALWAYS having a purpose in mind for each unit. The plus side of a Jack list, as I've mentioned, is that each unit can fulfill nearly every role so it's all a matter of position and deployment.

What do you guys think? Any of you try this or thinking of trying it or do you think I'm whacked out of my mind :) ?


Ubberdorc said...

I think it looks great, and if you ask me...very fluffy for space marines because....
Space MArines are supposed to be Tactical and flexible to all situations.

Dictator said...

What are you going to add when you get the models necessary to drop the Vindi and the LR?

Kevin said...

Good job reading the third paragraph after the list alex :p

"The Land Raider and Vindicator, as I just mentioned, will be replaced by four models: Two Predators with Autocannon turrets and Las-Cannon sponsons and two Land Speeders with Multi-Meltas and Heavy Flamers"

@Ubberdorc- yeah, that's another great thing about it. It's fluffy and effective. I have really been enjoying playing it!

Dictator said...

well, it would appear that I am retarded

sovietspace said...

I also really like it, its fluffy and would seem to be very effective. I've always fancied doing a tac marine heavy list, but feared I would get bored of painting it all... I'll now add it to the army list 'to do' pile!

Good luck with it!

A Thousand Hats said...

Personally I feel this is the best way to play. I'm very much a 'one list fits all' player so really like the flexibility this approach provides.

Like you, I try to ensure every unit has some capability vs armour or hordes.

I work on the basis that once the game gets going a player will lose units so if you've spread your 'tools' throughout the entire force your operational ability isn't diminished by early losses.

Good post and great list. Gotta love the tac marines (I play BA and use mostly tacticals in my list).

Moon said...

I play Tau and armies like this are a nightmare. Since I heavily favor battlesuits, anti-tank units and transports are my first targets. Unfortunately, when every unit has high str, low ap weapons, it's difficult to counter.

Anonymous said...

I remember one time when I commented on an army list at the Bols lounge... It was very specialized for a marine list and I decided to suggest a more balanced set of models (like the ones mentioned in this article) before I actually read this post. This is an excellent idea in practice and in fluff, and I can't see why it's not being more widely posted about.

Dictator said...

The more I think about this list kev the more and more i love it. I was just thinking about it (that is right, at 6AM) and I decided it is the most "Mariney" list I have seen in some time. I always imagine every marine squad having a heavy weapon in it. It is glorious.