Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday FAQ #12

Another Friday, another FAQ...

Here be the question:
If I have a Platoon a guardsmen split over two or more Valkyrie squadrons, which takes precedence for the reserve roll: the Platoon or the Vehicle Squadrons?
For those of you that don't know, Page 96 of the Imperial Guard Codex states
Each Infantry Platoon... is rolled for collectively when rolling for reserves.
Clearly this specific entry overrides the reserve rules on Page 94 of the rulebook (which specify that single units are rolled for). Squadrons are definitely a single unit, but how would this situation work: would everything be rolled for once since the platoon and squadrons are rolled for together or do the squadrons come in, ignoring the platoon reserves rule?

There really aren't any quotes I can find in the rulebook that help shed light on the situation, so I will put forth arguments for both cases, what my opinion is, and then let you guys discuss.

All-or-nothing: The Imperial Guard codex has a specific entry pertaining to platoons and reserves. Likewise, squadrons must stay within unit coherency which includes coming in from reserves. In order to not break either of these rules, everything must be rolled for as one unit in order for the Imperial Guard rule and the Squadron rule to be satisfied.

One Squadron at a time: Despite the specific statement in the Imperial Guard codex, infantry are subject to the rules of a vehicle while embarked. Much like Space Marines being able to deep-strike via a drop pod even though they do not have the rule themselves, Imperial Guard platoons may enter separate from each other because Squadron Coherency takes precedence.

Terran Forge Opinion: Roll for one squadron at a time. This seems less controversial, much more simple and what I believe is intended with the wording.

As I said, this has to be one of the most unclear questions I've ever seen as there is definitely not enough support in the rulebook or codex for either answer. I implore you to discuss this question here and head on over to this thread at Dakka to read some further arguments and see what others think. At the time of writing this post, the "One Squadron at a Time" idea has 22 votes while the "All-or-Nothing" has 19 so it is pretty neck-and-neck.

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Cannonfodder said...

I see your point and have encountered a similar situation several times. I normaly have my two platton commands in the vendettas- but they don't form a suadron. I roll for the Vendetta and when it comes avaiable the squad arrives with it- no matter what the rest of the platton does.