Tuesday, September 1, 2009

100 Posts: a look back

This does it. September 1st, 2009 marks 100 posts at Terran Forge. Wow. For a blog just started as a mere thought in boredom shortly before Spring Break, Alex and I have come a long way to get this blog out there so we can show off our stuff. Personally, I absolutely love the blogersphere and it is very hard to go back to posting WIP threads on forums (though I still do, I just prefer the blogging part :p). Now some stats about what has happened since our start on March 3rd:

- We have 61 followers. Absolutely awesome!

- We have had 26,558 page impressions (as of the writing of this post)

- Our average unique viewer rate after posting an update is 250 views while downtime is about 60.

- Top Five Traffic Sources:
1) Bell Of Lost Souls: 28.03%
2) Google Search: 17.86%
3) From the Warp: 14.12%
4) Direct traffic: 7.62%
5) Warseer: 4.86%

-Our peak amount of unique hits came on July 25th during Games Day Chicago when Alex, Pat and I collaborated with Bell of Lost Souls for their "LIVEFeed". We recieved 1,271 Pageviews from 683 visitors and 553 were absolutely unique (first time on site ever). Each visitor spent an average of three minutes and six seconds on site.

So those are just a few stats since we started Terran Forge (thanks to Google Analytics). We thank all of you for not only visiting our humble little site (which makes us very happy) but for being a wonderful blogging community that helped us grow and become a blog that people actually look at (something we honestly thought would be incredibly hard).

Now I'm off to paint some more purple guys so I can get my damn army finished! :D


Col. Corbane said...

Happy half birthday guys, although it does feel a little early.

We actually started our blogs on the same day, I was saving my half year review for Friday.

Keep up the good work and roll on the next six months.

Dictator said...

I love our Terran Forge: Our little corner of the internet.

oni said...

Congrats! Keep it up. :)