Monday, January 18, 2010

Tournament Results!

Hey everyone!

This most recent Saturday, the 16th, I traveled to southern Virgina to take place in 3,000 point per team Doubles tournament with my friend Blaine. This is how it went down.

My List:


Company Command Squad
-Vox, Mortar

Sly Marbo

Platoon COmmand Squad
-2x Grenade Launcher, Mortar

Squad 1
-Autocannon, Vox, Grenade Launcher, Commissar

Squad 2
-Autocannon, Grenade Launcher

Squad 3
-Autocannon, Grenade Launcher

Squad 4

Squad 5

Veteran Squad
-3x Meltaguns, Dedicated Chimera transport

Veteran Squad
-3x Plasmagun, Plasma Pistol, Dedicated Chimera transport w/ Heavy Stubber

Fast Attack
Scout Sentinel w/autocannon

Scout Sentinel w/autocannon

Scout Sentinel w/autocannon

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Executioner
-Plasma Cannon Sponsons, Hull-mounted Las-cannon



Total: 1500 pts.

Blaine's List

Rune Priest
-Chooser of the Slain, Storm Caller, Living Lightning

Wolf Guard with Powerfist and Combi-melta

Wolf Guard with Powerfist and Combi-melta

Wolf Guard w/ Terminator armor and Combi-flamer

Wolf Guard w/ Terminator armor and Combi-flamer

Wolf Guard w/ Terminator armor and Heavy Flamer and Power fist

-Dedicated Landraider Transport

Grey Hunter Squad
-7x Grey Hunters, meltagun, Mark of Wulfen, power weapon, Wolf Standard
-Dedicated Rhino Transport

Grey Hunter Squad
-7x Grey Hunters, meltagun, Mark of Wulfen, power weapon, Wolf Standard
-Dedicated Rhino Transport

Inquisitorial Storm Troopers
-5x Storm troopers, 2x meltaguns
-Dedicated Chimera w/ Heavy Flamer Transport

Fast Attack
3x Thunderwolf Cavalry
-Power fist

Heavy Support



Total: 1500 pts.

First Game
Opponents are Jonathan and Mike

There lists were (combined)
Rhino rushing with 6 Beserker Squads
1 CSM Squad
some Obliterators
Havoks with Gubbin's
Huron Blackheart
Khornate Demon Prince
5 Chosen Terminators with power fists and some gubbins

The game was pretty straight forward. We got first turn, set up among the strange deployment rules (18inch no man's land diagonally cross the board) and went to town right away. Blaine zoomed up his Wolf guard in the Land Raider and assaulted the Obliterators. From there, the Wolf gaurd were chewing slowly through squad after squad while being heavily assault by Kharn, demon Prince, and many Zerkers. They were aided heavily by the thunderwolf cavalry, but were eventually taken out after some summoned demons aided Kharn (post Demon Prince death).

While that massive combat is occurring I am sitting there blasting away at 5 Zerker Squads, Huron Black Heart, and all their rhinos.

By the time the dust had settled, not one Chaos Marine was a live and I had only lost 7 guardsmen with Huron's Heavy Flamer. One of the Last zerkers was trampled by the foot of a sentinel. It was a complete Massacre with them being completely tabled, with not one model left alive. We also had many of the victory conditions being met (table quarter control, more buildings occupied, enemy commanders dead, etc...)

Second Game
This game was decidedly less fun to play than the first. I was against Old School Tyranids and New Age Orks: very "gamey" army lists. These guys argued silly rules points and made a big fuss about line of sight all the time (according to these guys, weapon destroyed results count as Killpoints: upon one of the store veteran's and owner's hearing this he pimp slapped them back to the stonage with a "Don't try and pull that shit.").
There list was
2x Hive tyrants with twinlinked devourers. one with wings, one with guard
2 Without number Gaunt broods
4 carnifex with shooty implements (BS and venom cannons)
3x outflanking genestealer broods
180 boys with Power Klaw Nobs
mad dok grotsnik
and 1 full lootas Squad

Basically this list was self generating cover with a 30 boy mob with ghazghkull that had Feel No Pain. All the while big bugs terrorize your troops, stun your vehicles, and genestealers outfalnk harassing and pummelling your sides. There was not much that can be done when you drop tons of firepower just to see two orks die due to silly cover saves.

The game went like this.

FIrst turn I concentrate fire and bring down one fex, a couple lootas, and a handful of boys. Second turn, the oppossing horde takes even less damage while we lose some thunderwolves get one of the vindi's stunned and I lose two guardsmen to shooting and ghazghkull is in the thick of my 30 man infantry squad. I kill about 4 ork boys with 30 odd attacks, and he wipes the unit down to just the commissar. This all happens while blaine's thunder wolves kill one boy on the charge and get slaughtered by a lot of incredible strength 3 rolling.

The commisar stupidly holds his ground and prevents me from totally destroying ghazghkull and retinue with all of my shooting. In turn three I ferently try and taken down one more carnifex for a KP, and try and get some damage control by surrounding my leman russ with whatever troops I can muster to protect it. Blaine hops out from the ruination of his rhino's with two grey hunter squads and valiantly destroys a boys squad on the charge (losing 3 of his marines to dangerous terrain checks!!!!). Their turn three has them kill his wolfguard with shooting and counter assault the greyhunter's who hold up pretty well. I lose one sentinel and my Company Command Squad. Game over

We lost by only 300 Victory points, bringing out a drawn game in that aspect, but they mutilated us in KP's. We killed two carnifexes, and two boys squads. They got only 3 Kp's from me, but a whole bunch from blaine. This ends up being a minor loss.

Third Game
This game was against much more cheery opponents who were a real blast to play against and also had two pretty great lists. Derrick and Mike. Imperial Guard and Tau. The objectives were to rack of VP's while your commander must move toward their commander and vice-versa: If one army killed the one of the opponents' commanders in close combat (with any unit) you get extra VP's. Their lists were.

Company Command Squad with PLasma, FNP, and upgrades.
4 Chimera based veterans with Melta.
1 Chimera based Psyker Battle Squad.
Leman Russ Executioner with all the gubbins
Leman Russ battle tanks with gubbins
2x Hellhounds
Shash'o with iridium, plasma, etc...
2x 6 Fire Warriors
3 Crisis suit squads with Missiles and Plasma
3 x Hammerhead's with Railguns and SMS

We got first turn like in the previous two games, and blaine and I ran up in our transports while my troops and mortars blasted away at the line of tanks in front of us. We wrecked, stunned, or immobilized most of their transports and pinned the psyker battle squads with mortars after emergency disembarked out of their transport. All the while Blaine popped smoke and awaited the oncoming volley.

Unfortunately, the oncoming volley did absolutely nothing. In the end I just had two stunned chimeras. That was it.

The game was a mop up operation after that with me losing just my chimera melta vets and my commander to ranged fire. Blaine ran up and destroyed pretty much all their tanks and most of their infantry excluding some firewarriors and one hammerhead and the LRBT. The game was punctuated with some great jokes, banter, more jokes, and some epic moments.

We ended the tournament by coming in second. We probably would have been in first place if our second game opponents (the gamey tyranid and ork armies) did not cause their third game opponent's to give up with in 30 minutes after a rules argument (the attacks on rules eventually became personal).

My winnings are:

and this...
Cadian Command Squad Box

Sorry if any of the above is incoherent. It probably is!


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