Monday, January 11, 2010

Mobius Comics

Hey everyone, just a quick update from me. You may have noticed a bit of lack of activity from me and that is for a few reasons. First, my workload is massive now that I'm back at school again and I haven't even unpacked my 40k stuff yet (shock, gasp!). Second, my roommate Tim and I have been working hard in our free time to set up our webcomic Mobius Comics. It's a comic about nerdy stuff, random stuff, math and science and, of course, 40k (though I only have one 40k comic drawn yet- it's a future post - but there will be more of course ;)). We update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and we also have a Youtube page here, if you're interested, where we will upload all sorts of videos. We also have a blog on there which we'll update whenever we have something to say.

Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know why I have been so inactive and potentially expand our growing fan base. Subscribe, become a member, spread our link around, or hate us, whatever! Just plugging it here because I have put a lot of work towards it and it would be depressing to see it flop, as you could imagine!


Moon said...

Mobius link seems broken. Had to add the .com myself.

Kevin said...

Ah, yep, seems I'm an idiot. Thanks for pointing that out Moon!