Sunday, December 13, 2009

Paintin' Up Space Hulk: Genestealer Test Batch

Finally found some free-time and the motivation to paint some 40k, and two Space Hulk Genestealers are what were produced. In my earlier Space Hulk post I had a Leviathan theme, but the method I had was just not as effective nor fast enough for me to want to continue it. So I started from scratch and came up with this theme which was fast and painless. Normally I'm not into speed-painting or anything, but when it comes down to it, I just need some table-top quality models to make Space Hulk more visually thrilling and that's what I'm doing. All but two of my Terminators already have their armor painted red and it's only a matter of time before i finish them (though I want to put the base coats on the 'Stealers first just when Pat or Alex and I play a game it'll look at least semi-decent). Anyways, here's the pics, let me know what you think!




Agama said...

I really like the style of these ones mate. Looking forward to a how to for them. :)

sovietspace said...

Agreed, a really good job. They look very mean and also very organic. I really must paint mine!

oni said...

Lookin' good. I really like the color scheme.

JRV said...

can you talk a little about the process?

I primed mine a reddish color, but I want this same effect.

I think I will do:

White/bone prime
mud or flesh wash
red carapace

Kevin said...

Thanks guys!

@JRV- I'm finishing up a tutorial for both them and my Termies, but the process goes like this:

White Prime
Brown Wash
Dheneb Stone drybrush
White Drybrush
Brown Glaze

then for the carapace it's:
Mechrite Red base
Brown Wash
Drybrush Mechrite
Red Wash

the longest part is waiting for the washes to dry but if you do them in bulk that time seems non existent.