Saturday, December 5, 2009

40k/Blogging Desktop Wallpapers

So yesterday I was doodling in my notebook during a two-hour Calc lecture and got a cool idea for some Desktop Wallpapers. Since I'm at home for the weekend (I was dragged home by the girlfriend for a party yesterday) and don't have my codices with me, I decided this would be a nice filler for my Army Mojo stuff until I get the Tau army list up next week.

So first I made a Terran Forge Wallpaper which, admittedly, I'm not too fond of. I'll end up redoing it eventually to make it look less crap. Then I contacted Ron at From the Warp to make sure I could use his logo and, with his blessing, created a cool FtW Wallpaper.

Here they are, and at the top of the page there is a link to "Wallpapers" which will be updated as I create more over time. I am definitely going to do an Astro Mag one and if you guys have any suggestions just let me know!

From the Warp

Terran Forge

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woroxon said...

great work I like both of them, in the terran Forge one just a coller loking hive or factory could be a great uograde but is good enought I already downloaded them and added to my theme.